Introducing Me!

me n anika

Hey you!

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my little blog about my random thoughts on random matters with a little bit of bitching and ranting thrown in. I am your average Indian girl, born in an average Indian family, leading a very, very average life. I love to read, write and to tell stories (god, do I love to tell stories!), in that order, and therefore I took up a profession that gave me access to exactly that – Law.

Riiiiiiight! You’re thinking. How’s law related to storytelling? Simple! It’s the one profession that allows you to narrate your side of the story, your way, where the rules of storytelling are decided by the law of the land. Actual facts of the case rarely matter. It’s the word-craft of the lawyer that counts. Your story against your opponent’s and may the best story-teller win!

But as luck would have it, I went out of practice. So now I am back to being the average married Indian girl. There’s nothing in my life that seems out of the ordinary, except I have a crazy, over-productive imagination. I day-dream compulsively. I’ve been caught many a time in conversation with my imaginary creatures (ask my husband, he’ll attest to it). In the deep recesses of my brain are fantasies, entire worlds where civilisations quite alike ours are breeding and thriving. Then there are characters and creatures, fraught with their own battles and evil-doers who are waiting to be slain and relegated to pits of dark abyss.

But… This blog is not about my over-active imagination… Ok, some of it maybe. But it is chiefly about my love for, like I said before, writing and story-telling.

So here I am. Doing the one thing I know I ought to be doing. And here you are at the other end, listening to my stories. If you like ’em, great! Do let me know. If you don’t, please do nudge me in the right direction or just tell me to ‘shut the heck up’!

With the introductions done, let the storytelling commence!

13 thoughts on “Introducing Me!

  1. Well, well, so we’ve heard it from the horse’s (or mare’s) mouth finally!
    Quite a quirky introductory post. I guess the gift (or desire) of storytelling is what makes people like us tell stories even when no one wants to read or hear them. 😁😁😁
    All the very best for your blogging career. God bless. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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