Keep Calm and Read

When I was in college, I would tutor other students and housewives to earn an extra buck. Generally they would hire me to help them with their conversational English or with English as a school subject. When anxious parents would ask me how their wards could improve their language skills, I would tell them – Read, read, read….Read everything on earth….It does not have to be your text book, it does not have to be age appropriate, it does not even have to be relevant to your subject. Knowledge of any kind never goes to waste. Its upto you to use that knowledge well and wisely.

This illustration was inspired by that very advice.

Keep calm and read on!


16 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Read

  1. Very True. Reading is the Best way to Improve your Knowledge and Language.
    I realised this just few months ago, when I was restless with despair. I found that by reading novels, I got into their worlds and liked the characters and pined to know the next chapter.
    Reading is Oxygen to the Heart.

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