Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Hi Everyone,

I have been challenged by fellow blogger Harlife to post three quotes for three days and select three bloggers in the course of these three days to take up the challenge. I had posted three quotes on Negative People yesterday. I’ll reveal today’s theme in a bit. But first, my thanks to Harlife who is an amazing artist and poet, writing mostly in his native-tongue. Do check out his blog.

Now for today’s theme –


I know, I know, how predictable. But there’s a reason for it. You see, its Karva Chauth in India today, a day when women observe a fast to exhort the almighty to bless their husbands with a long and blessed life. It sounds archaic but most women in India don’t follow it strictly anymore. Now its only an excuse for us to dress up well, look pretty, extract gifts from our husbands (as if we need an excuse for that!) and take a day off from work…Hee haw haw haw! But we do love our husbands, hence the fasting….almost.

This time I’ll let the pictures and the quotes do the talking rather than punctutaing the post with my own two pence. So, without further ado, here are the three quotes on Love –

Quote 1


Quote 2


Quote 3



Now for today’s nominations for the challenge. And I nominate:

Nelly Cherry

Goin’ the extra..aaamile

Alexis Chateau

The rules of the challenge are –

  1. Mention and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive days.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers every day for those three days.


It’s upto you to take the challenge or leave it. No obligations here. My advice is to explore your thoughts through quotes that speak you mind. I’ve had fun doing it.

Thank you for your time and for accepting the challenge🙂


Till tomorrow folks!


©Pradita Kapahi, 2016.

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