First Milestone

And it has happened!

Last night I received this from WP –


and now I’m over the moon! 🙂 😀 🙂 😀



This is my tiny blog’s first milestone and, I won’t lie, I was looking forward to it. But who made it possible?




Thank you so much for making this happen. Thank you for your praise, your wonderful comments, the suggestions, the lack thereof even, it forced me to do better. I only hope that I keep giving you reasons to come back to my blog.

I do realise that this is a very small accomplishment. In a blog’s timeline, I guess this is like when a baby cuts her first tooth. But its MY tooth! And there’s so many more to come! There is much, much, much, much more that I wish to achieve through this blog, so please stay tuned, and if, dear reader, at any time, you feel that I am slipping up, nudge me in the right direction.


Once again thank you for your love and support 🙂




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