Not Talking

This doodle came about when I noticed my daughter being aloof with one of her toys. The poor toy (in this case it was a stuffed dog) was sitting by itself in a corner of the room because it wouldn’t fit into her basket (which already had some 3 other stuffed animals in it). So at first she threw quite the tantrum about it, tried fitting it by adjusting the others, but when nothing worked, she just took the dog and threw it in a corner, as if having punished it for being too big or unwieldy. I found it very funny and wanted to sketch it right away.


Its surprising how kids as young as she understand these things (she’s only 2) – anger, tantrums and aloofness. They’re all negative emotions and I’m sure no parent deliberately exposes their child to these emotions, but they are aware of them just the same. How? I don’t know, but it makes for very cute baby faces. Don’t we all love them? 🙂


© Pradita Kapahi, 2016



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