Brother Dearest

I share a very ‘blink and you miss’ relationship with my Brother. In the sense that the love we have for each other is mostly just unexpressed, dormant. Rarely have we witnessed expositions of love, so much so that sometimes our own parents have thought us indifferent to each other. But we know we’re like…

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एक मसीहा आएगा

Originally posted on Krishnaagyani:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? गरीबी और ये पापी पेट इंसान? से क्या नहीं कराते? छोटू अभी मुश्किल से ६ साल का हुआ था; पर गरीबो की उम्र नहीं मायने रखती ‘ अमीरो के महल से निकले कचरे में वो अपनी रोजी रोटी तलाश करता था । उसके बाल…

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One Life

In the end there was darkness. Pain, white hot pain, and hopelessness. So much so that they swamped me completely. Till I finally succumbed… Then… Let there be light… and light there was. Warm, welcoming, pure, ethereal. When that moment passed, I floated up, weightless like a feather. The pins and tubes stuck to my…

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Acts of Kindness

“Drat!”, he cursed with a feeling, even as the 6th autorickshaw denied him a ride. “What am I going to do with these?” He looked at the two 1000 Rupee bills and the lone 500 Rupee bill he had in his hand. He felt like trashing them. The night before, the Prime Minister had announced…

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Morning Doodle: Flower Bush

Good Morning People! Here’s another quick morning doodle from yours truly.       Its a flower bush, done in watercolors and black ink. This was painted in 10 minutes flat and the ink marks were added as an afterthought. I was glad the way it turned out. May you have a merry and bright…

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