Sticky Situations – Part 8

2 months later…


“Yes, I’ve shifted from there now. My new office would have been way too far from there.” She was walking back home from a little grocery shopping and an evening stroll.

“Yeah…It’s been a long time since we saw each other. You should come over. My place is in Swarna Nagri, near Jaypee Greens. You’ll find it easily… Okay, sure…Give my love to everyone at home. See ya….Bye”, and she hung up.

She started walking faster. It was late in the evening and she was right in the middle of the lonely stretch between 3rd Street and Jaypee Greens. There were open fields and parks on three sides and even though there were still some walkers and joggers in the parks, the dipping sun made visibility bad.

She passed someone doubled up over a broken car engine and thought “Poor bloke!”

She must have barely made it 2 metres past that car when someone grabbed her mouth from behind and began forcing her down into the car.

Oh my God! This isn’t happening to me! SCREAM, Trishna!!

She was struggling furiously against her kidnapper but his grip was too strong. She could neither scream nor break free. She tried biting the hand on her mouth but she realized it was gloved. She swung the bag full of groceries she had in her hand towards the kidnapper’s face and it hit him with a hard smack. It must have hurt him but he only tightened his hold on her and managed to drag her into the backseat of the car.

Oh God, no!! They could do anything from here. They could….rape!

She almost threw up at the thought. Her head had already started to buzz and she was feeling dizzy.

Trishna, if you lose your shit here you’ll never be able to escape. Get your act together for once!

She made a last ditch effort to break free, but her hands were pinned behind her back in an awkward angle. The car had already started to move and she knew she could do nothing now. She began sobbing and doubled up over her lap. What are they going to do to me. Rape me, extort money from my institutionalized Mom, worse still, sell me into flesh-trade….what?! Possibility after grim possibility kept flashing in her dazed mind and she broke into a fresh spate of tears.

Oddly enough, none of them was doing anything. One was driving the car. He had oversized sunglasses on. And the other, also wearing sunglasses and a cap, was behind her, pinning her down hard so she could not even turn her head. They’re taking me somewhere. Think, Trishna. Think how you can escape these guys. Make a run for it when they have you out of the car.

She made a show of crying and mumbling curses while taking note of what buildings they were passing. In truth, she had no idea where they were. Nothing looked familiar to her. She couldn’t even reach her phone because it was shoved into the back-pocket of her jeans and her hands were pinned behind her back.

The car  stopped finally, some 15 minutes later, before the giant wrought iron gate of a mansion, a kothi, in Delhi parlance.

The driver opened the door and motioned for her to come out. She hesitated but she was pushed by the man behind her. As soon as she slid out, she tried to run towards the road, but she was grabbed by the driver and physically carried, flailing limbs and all, through the gate.

The mansion was surrounded by private gardens on two sides. And on the other two sides were empty plots. This was a posh farmhouse! No one would even hear me if I screamed at the top of my lungs here. She made a fresh attempt to run but the two men had her pinned to their sides, sandwiched between them. She began screaming “HELP!!! Someone help me!!

The one in the cap hollered at her gruffly, “SHUT UP!!” and she fell quiet. If I enrage them they might kill me. She could do nothing for fear of losing her life.

They opened the main door to the mansion and went past the parlour, the living room, into a lobby and then into a bedroom. It was semi-dark, the light from an outside lamp barely making anything visible. But she could make out a figure approaching them from within the room.

The figure approached them and spoke to the other men, “Thanks guys, I’ll take it from here.”

Kirat’s voice!!

She couldn’t believe he could be such a lunatic. Kidnapping her to have his way?!

She punched him hard in the chest but her hands only met hard muscle. He didn’t even flinch, just closed the door, and someone promptly locked it from the outside.

They were alone in the dark room. It was over!

The buzzing in her head reached a screaming crescendo, like the whistle on a kettle. She fell to the ground and passed out…



To be continued…


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