Vanishing Biscuits

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

That crappy moment when your biscuit breaks and vanishes in your tea!



Don’t you just hate it?

Don’t you?


What do you do next?

Do you dunk in your fingers to fish it out and risk getting burnt?

Or do you, grab a spoon and play ‘fishing in the pond’ with it?

Or do you, just let it be, and let the dregs of the broken biscuit flavour your tea?

Or do you, dish out some money and buy thisΒ (genius!), and never lose another biscuit to the deep waters of your tea?

Or do you, like me, curse and swear at length, then grab another biscuit and watch it fall and vanish into the tea too?

Or do you just not dunk at all?



52 thoughts on “Vanishing Biscuits

  1. ha ha ha ha Pradita, you can write on almost everything possible Babe !!
    Oh Yes, I “dunk” and if the precious biscuit gets engulfed in the tea, I may sure, I drink the tea along with the dregs of my delicious biscuit.

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