Daily Prompt: Missing In Action

via Daily Prompt: Missing


Just in case you all wondered why I was MIA (missing in action) yesterday, that’s because my Husband finally returned home from serving a nearly five month long sailing contract. In my absolute and unrestrained happiness, a day before he was to land, I planned elaborate things for him –


A nice-home cooked meal, a comfy home (cleaned up all the clutter like the dutiful wife that I am for that one day), baked a cake that did not quite look like cake, more like squishy dough ( NO idea how that happened. I made only one teeny-tiny alteration, I swear).


He returned home and the reunion was Picture-Perfect, especially for my daughter who hugged him like baby koala hugs mama (or papa) koala (I know, awwww!).

But then thunder rumbled and lightning exploded, (something like that happened in my head), and I remembered that  a client’s deadline was tomorrow, AND I HADN’T WRITTEN A WORD!!!

So I sent him and the bairn off to bed and this is what I did  for most of last night  –




In my defence, my internal calendar went haywire when I learnt that husband dearest was returning because of which I mistook the deadline for the day after. I know, that’s very, very unprofessional. But thankfully I managed to meet the deadline. However, by the time I finished and sent the draft to the client this morning, I looked like Panda Eyes from my series Sticky Situations –




Anyhow, all’s well that ends well. Won’t you say so? πŸ™‚


Later People! XOXO


Β©Pradita Kapahi, 2016.


Picture Credits: http://www.quickmeme.com



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