An Idyllic Cottage

Good Morning Folks!

Another morning doodle, this one was inspired by a beautiful embroidered tapestry that I had once seen.




This time I used acrylics because I thought the colors would come out brighter, which they did, I’m glad, because that’s the feeling that the tapestry evoked in me. Also, I used my fingertips to create the foliage and the fence πŸ˜€

And then I made a gaffe!! Closed my sketch book over the piece while the paint was still drying, with the result that when I uncovered the painting, a portion of the page above got stuck to the painting at the far left side and came off 😦

Nevermind, its not a Raphael!Β Even though it did not quite come out right, I’m happy with the end result. It takes me back to sunshine fields, lazy afternoons, cozy homes, home-cooked meals and a good book.

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!


Till Later…



Β©Pradita Kapahi, 2016

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