This Is Not A Love Story – Part 9

To say that that Sunday was the best day of my life would have been no understatement… You were with me, like ‘with’ me, we had exchanged numbers, looks, moments and other details, and I had this warm fuzzy feeling in my belly like a lazy cat gets when it’s had a tummy-full of warm…

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Thank Yous and Sorries

Hello Everyone! Before you go ‘there we go again’ reading the title, hear me out. I’m not going to talk much about why I’m saying thank yous. Well I’m thanking the one’s who have been kind to me and appreciated me, but this post is more of an apology for being lazy and preoccupied. So…

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An Apology to Men, from a Woman

Have you ever had an experience where you, or someone you know, has reacted in a situation purely because of a stereotype you or they may have created about a certain person, or a certain kind of people? Have you ever judged anyone, not by their own actions, but by the prevailing atmosphere surrounding such…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 8

You were still smiling at me…. It had gotten awkward just standing there, not doing anything. So far, whatever you had done had left me feeling emasculated. So I decided I needed to make a move, be the man. I closed in the space between us and took one stray curl of your messy hair between…

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This Is Not A Love Story – Part 7

Meet me at the Sunka Lake Hill at 7 tomorrow morning. I’ll be waiting for you. But I’ll wait only till 7.15… 😉 The cracked note in my hand read….   I was sure it was you. It had to be! Who else would write to me like this? Normally, people don’t write notes like…

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This Is Not a Love Story – Part 6

That smile…   That coquettish, girlish, mischievous smile you gave me just before you left the store, was the highlight of that Sunday. I couldn’t stop thinking about it whenever my other worries were not around. I say this because I had a lot going on in my head that day. There was the chance…

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You there… Yes, you! You, the one stalking that girl, You, the one panting over her, You, the one judging her, By the length of her hem, By the dip of her blouse.   You, the one mauling her, Like a piece of furniture, For the gifts she didn’t bring, For the gold she didn’t…

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