Daily Prompt: Crossing Cuisines

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Yesterday I wrote about how I found happiness in baking a perfect loaf of honey-oats brown bread. Today I found it in this bowl full of Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup.



It’s actually amazing how good this soup turned out to be inspite of all the mixing and short-cuts I took. I started with a basic Chinese Noodle Soup recipe. I used the recipe from Ms. Nagi’s blog, who has a truly amazing blog on all kinds of cuisines. Then halfway through I realized that I didn’t have enough veges or broth to put into the soup! 😦

So I started rummaging in my refrigerator for anything that I could put into it to bring some flavours into the pot – Lemongrass (I know, What?!), Thai galangalKafir Lime leaves, Star Anise, Japanese Buckwheat noodles and even… horrors of horror, Lettuce, because I didn’t have Bok Choy at hand. Basically, there was a crossing of cuisines. The soup was literally a melting pot of different Asian cuisines, but in the end, it turned out just fine. Thank God!

Winters for me are synonymous with  soups, broths and stews and of late I have become partial to Asian cuisine (not Indian). So, this is another one I’m sure to make again and again. And I even have a name for this weird recipe –

Happiness in a Bowl


Have you ever had a recipe that seems to have gone wrong but turned out just right? I’d love to know. It’ll be fun exchanging mistakes 😉


Till later, folks!


©Pradita Kapahi, 2017.


Picture Credits: Pradita Kapahi

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