Fear of the Road: Street Harassment

Hello Everyone,

We have in the past few days witnessed a series of unfortunate events occurring in India that have put us to shame the world over. And I will not be wrong, I think, in pointing out that this isn’t the first time that the roads in India or one entire gender in India have spelled ‘fear’ for the fairer gender. 

Incidentally, I had written a guest post on street harassment for a blogger friend of mine –


…who I had the opportunity to meet on WP. She has authored one book and is at the cusp of publishing another non-fiction piece based on Fear. Click on the link above to visit her amazing blog, which speaks to the woman of today of being fearless, being independent and being true to herself.

She had kindly allowed me to use her book’s launch as the pretext for posting this piece on harassment on her blog. The link to the piece is here. I had written this before the Bangalore incident happened so it has no mention of it.

It speaks of my vile experience of street harassment and my opinion on it.

If you have the time, please read it, share it, but most of all, understand that a moment’s fun is no ‘fun’ for someone else.




Pradita Kapahi, 2017.

19 thoughts on “Fear of the Road: Street Harassment

  1. tears have came out after reading this !
    You have written so true , I feel so odd when these things happen in our country .
    I will not use the word western culture because it have lot of meanings.
    But according to Indian culture people should help each other , women should be respected by everyone .
    It sometimes happen in villages when a guy is beaten by number of people because he was trying to harass a girl publicly .
    But in our metro cities people are too modern they believe in western culture (sorry) they never think about others , they don’t care about neighbors , also they are loosing their relations , how can we expect they will help any stranger , no
    Mindset also different
    If a man is traveling in same bus with his wife or mother , and story is happening same as story
    His mother /wife will never allow him to take any action because they think we all should be safe , no matter how hard situation is ?
    People are loosing human values .
    When i hear about these cases I hate myself , cz I am man . And now days men are not human being .😓😓😓😓😓

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  2. There should be no two opinion that these hooligans should be punished severely. But in practice, when the police show force against these knaves, the public and the newspapers cry hoarse against the police. Every New Year night this kind of revelry is going on in every city. Year by year the extent of hooliganism is also increasing. But we haven’t found a solution to this tyranny. Even women going out with their husbands are harassed.

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  3. This is shameful….. For everyone of us…..
    For humanity…
    For men….
    Tsk tsk….
    Sometimes I wish I could just go to the victims and say them sorry. Sorry that the humanity has failed you……
    This is so painful

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  4. Read it Pradita.
    A true reflection of our society, how we are getting deep inside the pit with every passing day. It’s awful.
    The level has become so downgraded and foul that girls don’t feel safe even when they are among a crowd of hundreds, let it alone at a not-so-crowded place. Such incidents are blots on our nation, and such disgusting men on humanity. I just hope that someday, we will get above all this and provide a bright future, more of a safe future to ourselves and our other female friends.

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  5. This really is very shameful. It’s awful that youth of our country are loosing ethics and human values. You have really expressed yourself very well.


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