Make Your Own Luck

Hello Everyone,

This is an illustration I painted yesterday. This time it’s a bunny because my daughter is affectionately called so by her Uncle and Aunt. Also because, well, don’t we all just love bunnies?Β They’re so soft, furry, warm and something about them just makes you want to coo and cuddle them up.

But did you know there’s a belief about bunny/rabbit feet? Yes! Its said that a rabbit foot brings good luck. Apparently it is a belief followed in many cultures across the world.

Now I’m sure that none of you discerning folks has ever butchered a rabbit just on a whim to earn some luck (I hope not, and if you have, I feel sorry for the rabbit). But, this post isn’t about that. Its about what the foot stands for – bringing good luck.

This is the thought behind this piece. It came along nicely and I was glad to see improvement in the way I am handling watercolors, though of course, there’s much, much more I need to achieve to reach a decent level. And as you can see from the first wash below, the water around the inner ears actually seeped into the outer grey of the bunny and I had to dab at it and then repaint it so it wouldn’t look like the bunny had Fungi Ears πŸ˜‰




I finished it off with another wash, and black felt pen outlines.




I’m not good at calligraphy, so the text was later added through PicsArt. I love this app for phone photography editing. It just makes things so much easier for me than going through the more tedious and confusing Photoshop.

So, coming back to the belief behind the rabbit foot, we tend to rely on inanimate things or, like in India, on astrology, to bring us luck in our endeavors. No one wants anything to go wrong! But then ups and downs in life are a part thereof. No one has ever had continued luck. But we certainly can ensure that we can attract more luck to us or minimize ill-luck or accidents happening to us.



1. Β  Stay Positive – If you keep succumbing to negativity all the time, relying on a totkaΒ (Indian equivalent of a charm) or a charm alone to pull you out of your spate of bad luck, chances are even positive incidents and people around you will shy away from you. So, chin up and keep that smile in your heart and on your face. It’s also better for your health.

2. Β  Stay open to opportunities – This goes hand in hand with the point above. When you keep your mind preoccupied with negative thoughts, opportunities may slip by without you noticing because you’ve been way too busy grumbling about how someone spilled tea on your brand new shirt, while totally ignoring the cute girl behind you who had been standing with a napkin for you but got put off by your grumbling.

3. Β  Take Chances – Life has risks. Period. You cannot lead a life in a bubble. Remember, you may be safe inside that cocoon, but you’re also missing out on the fun outside. No one’s telling you to be reckless though. Just be careful with your plans and aware of your choices.Β Ain’t no rabbit foot gonna help you if you are an ostrich!

4. Β Set achievable goals – I’m a shorty. Now if I aim to be the next Beauty Queen, obviously I’m aiming too high and no rabbit foot will ensure that I get that crown. So while positivism is a good thing, you need to set an achievable and legitimate target. So if you’ve failed in a subject, don’t aim to top the class. Aim instead to just pass with decent numbers. If you do top, that’s an added bonus. One good moveΒ one baby step at a time, okay?

5. Β Don’t take failure too Seriously – So what if you lost the bet? It’s not the end of the world. So what if you couldn’t finish the race? Race again. So what if you flunked your test? Take it again. If one door closes, head to the next one. Bottomline is, don’t give up and don’t give in to defeat.Β There’s always a tomorrow!

So this is how we can make our own lucks – by staying positive, setting our targets, planning accordingly, and most importantly,Β like the Bhagwad Gita says – doing our duty. A rabbit foot, a four-leafed clover, an evil eye or the chanting of some mantras won’t help the fool who dares to jump before the hungry lion.

I leave you on that thought…

Have a Happy Monday!




Β©Pradita Kapahi, 2017

Picture Credits: Pradita Kapahi


32 thoughts on “Make Your Own Luck

  1. This painting is so much fun! It made me feel really happy. Bunnies are simply great, aren’t they? A point you mentioned, “Take Chances”- this is one part, most people aren’t comfortable with… Don’t you think?

    Liked by 1 person

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