Hello Everyone!

So it’s been sometime since I wrote my last post – two days. That’s not very long ago, granted, and I wouldn’t have been writing this but for the recent spate of bad luck that has messed up my schedule a bit. It invariably means that my posts will get held up some more. So I thought I’d better inform you all about why there’s radio silence on my end.

It’s because of two clunkers in my life, both of which decided to descend upon me at the same time. The first clunker is my old faithful – my laptop, which decided to die on me, JLT. I have no idea why! This has undeniably soured my mood, specially because Husband Dearest (hope he’s reading this)  won’t lend me his swanky laptop and won’t stop hogging the desktop (see how greedy men can be when it comes to electronics?). I have no choice but to wait till my laptop is repaired or,  worse still and God forbid, I have to buy a new one.

Then there’s the other clunker – my knee,  that just won’t let me be. You see,  a couple of months back I injured myself running on the treadmill and was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella,  which roughly translates to a weak knee cartilage, which required me to abandon half of the activities that normal people undertake in life – running, squatting,  kneeling,  sitting cross-legged or with my legs dangling,  walking briskly,  walking, in fact, whatnot. Basically, I felt like I had aged 30 years or more in the span of those 3 months that I had this excruciating pain! Physiotherapy returned me to health very,  very slowly,  but essentially this problem will never go away,  and on some days,  it just… well, gets back to being a clunker. Like for the past 2 days.

Therefore, my apologies to you all for being MIA, especially to readers of the new Novella – This is not a Love Story. I’m trying to get back in shape ASAP because I really hate being bed ridden.  But in the meantime you could visit my old blogs. There’s plenty to read beginning from how all this began 😊

Please pray that my old clunker sputters back to life. I really love it and don’t want to invest in another laptop. And if you have any info to share on knee problems,  you know where to find me.

Till later,

Pradita ❤️❤️❤️

50 thoughts on “Clunkers

  1. Sweetheart … Get well soon!! I am worried about your knee … Please take good care of yourself and let your imagination loose … Think of all the wonderful novellas you will write and get us hooked to them … Love you Eva … Get back on track (literally and figuratively)

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  2. Even I’m suffering from similar -not same condition. The worst part is that these are non regenerative -no chances of reverting back to original condition. So change of lifestyle and habits is the only option. Sad truth!
    Here’s hoping things get better for you Pradita!

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  3. I somehow managed to not fall off the running area of treadmill, and after reading this I am glad I did manage.
    Get well soon Pradita, and I hope you don’t need to spend super-extra bucks in buying the new machine.

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  4. I was actually wondering about the novella yesterday. But well, your being healthy is a matter of far higher priority so get well soon.
    I suffered knee injuries three times in 6 months in 2015-16 (did a post on that too). I had to cut down on just about anything about movement, although I did attend office. I think your double whammy makes things harder for you. However, you can take this as an opportunity to be prolific with your handset. The android app is largely as good as the website so you should find posting from that fun too. I do most of my posts from the phone itself.
    So get fit soon and maybe write the next few posts from the phone. All the best!
    The writing is coming! 😝

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  5. I know how it feels for a vivid blogger to be without a laptop to feed it all in as soon as the mind starts talking..just like a small kid at school who forgot his slate 🙂 My best wishes for you to be up and running and typing fast 🙂

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  6. This is to inform you that I have shifted my blog to and you could have received a subscription mail which is not a scam.
    Please follow me again, and I regret the inconvenience caused to you.
    From My Theory.

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