Morning Tea

Morning beckons, 

The kettle is on, 

I retrieve the lemongrass, 

Ginger and peppercorns.


You nudge me in the side, 

An excuse to tickle and touch, 

I give you a knowing smile, 

The brew simmers, 

For there’s no rush. 


A hint of Darjeeling,

A touch of sugar,

As I turn off the kettle,

Your wink warms me over.


You go around the garden, 

Fetch the day’s paper,

Then lay on me,

An amorous whisper,

On the night’s pleasures.


A gentle kiss, 

On my forehead, 

A touch of lips on the brow,

I nudge you to get the tray, 

You oblige, with a mock scowl. 


The brew has brewed, 

The tea is done, 

You lay the table, 

I get the scones. 


We sit side by side,

The tea in our cups,

Warming our hands,

Savoring our touch.

And this ritual,

That is but,

An excuse,

For sharing our love. 






©Pradita Kapahi, 2017.

Picture Credits: Pradita Kapahi


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