Music Prompts

I’m sure all of us have come to a point in our lives when we went blank and had no idea what to write about. When moments like those disrupt your writing schedule,  how do you cope with it? Word Prompts? Picture Prompts? Video Prompts? Ever tried Music Prompts? 


My unfortunate injury and my now deceased laptop had forced me into bed-rest for most of last week (no,  the two incidents weren’t connected,  but fate has been cruel to me). How did I spend that time?  I survived by listening to music,  anytime my daughter let me play anything apart from her nursery rhymes.


It’s helped me in ways I never thought were possible. It calmed me down, of course but more importantly,  it centered me and gave me great ideas to write, like a word prompt. One particular piece of instrumental music from a favourite TV series brought on such a wave of inspiration that I finished three pending projects in one go. Of course I still have to go back to them and edit them, but the fact is that the musical piece ignited my imagination and helped my mind visualize the text in a similar genre as the musical piece. Does that make sense?  Maybe I’m not able to explain it in words but it worked for me!

I’ve decided now that whenever I need to write and I seem to get stuck somewhere,  I’ll try to play a musical piece (instrumental or vocal) to evoke ideas or to inspire me to write in a similar genre as the musical piece.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? I’d love to know how and what you use to inspire you or to get you through your writer’s block. Please do share. 

Goodnight folks! 

Love and blessings,

Pradita Kapahi,  2017.

64 thoughts on “Music Prompts

  1. I am so glad you are out of bed rest, being confined to a small area can be awful. And using music for inspiration is a wonderful idea! I totally agree 🙂

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  2. Be observer!!!as you are!!!!construct it.there are alot of things which need to be written in the form that can inspire soul.write by imagination and convert them into reality.

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  3. Great post! There’s a book I’m working on, and I’ve done the entire outline using music. A song will inspire a mood and then I’ll flesh out an entire scene as though it were a music video. Scene by scene the entire plot was written that way, so in effect there’s also a soundtrack to go with the book. 🙂 My $. 02.

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  4. Sometimes when I have a problem creating a part of my plot, I listen to music and close my eyes, playing the motions of the story in my mind like a movie until I find a scene that works for me. I use music without lyrics and then there is this one band that reaches out to me through lyric somehow. The Muse. Something about their songs that spark my imagination.

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  6. Loved this article! Very well done.
    I’m an alternative music blogger and fairly new at it. My latest post is about Royal Blood – a heavy alt rock two piece band from England and they’re taking the rock scene by storm. Jimmy Page approves of this band and they have also opened for Foo Fighters. Their music composes of heavy manic riffs, nothing like you have ever heard before. Do check it out, and my other articles and feel free to share your inputs!

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