You there…

Yes, you!

You, the one stalking that girl,

You, the one panting over her,

You, the one judging her,

By the length of her hem,

By the dip of her blouse.


You, the one mauling her,

Like a piece of furniture,

For the gifts she didn’t bring,

For the gold she didn’t buy, 

The day she left it all,

Just to be by your side.


You the one teaching her, 

It’s okay to be touched so, 

You the one telling her,

It’s safer to be quiet.

You, the one parroting,

She’ll never be anything more,

Than the one who lays the table,

Or a trophy wife.


You, the one calling her names,

For being brazen, open, bold,

You, the one crying “be ashamed”, 

Because she didn’t take your shit,

She didn’t cower, didn’t fold.


You, the one justifying,

“I’m a woman too”,

You, the one commanding her,

“You should follow suit”.



You, the one forcing her,

To have your way,

You, the one tossing her aside,

When your lust has ebbed away.



You, the one screaming ‘no fair’,

On paper, screen, in books,

Yet you, the one changing course,

To get your lads off the hook.



You, the one burning incense,

Before a Goddess obsidian black,

You the one keeping her out,

From masjids, temples,

 Forcing progress into Stygian dark.



You, the shame of a nation,

You, our own evilmonger,

You, God’s own creation,

You, the mutable mortal.


If change be the way of life,

Change for the better, not for worse,

If humanity is to survive,

Quit being your own curse.


61 thoughts on “You!

  1. Every harassment, every injustice and every bit of abuse beautifully addressed! I’m afraid most men don’t even realize that what they do is a form of abuse cause taking people first granted is just so mainstream!
    Extelremely powerful great piece of writing! ✌

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks a lot, Gurl. I agree, most forms of abuse go unnoticed, unaddressed, under-dressed. But it’s not just men; it’s women too. Like the MIL who tells her daughter-in-law sh ought to suffer her husband’s wrath because she didn’t bring enough dowry, or the Mom who tells her daughter just stay quiet, it’s your relative you’re accusing, or your Sister who admonishes you for wearing a mini-skirt. We ALL need to change our perception of how women can live in and just let women be.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is an amazing post. A slap on the faces of men who show their so-called masculinity on women and claim that they are more able and powerful than women. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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