Glitter and Gold

via Daily Prompt: Glitter   Glitter, glitter, gold, gold, Wad of money, sold, sold, ‘Party’s on’, told, told, Dressed up bold, bold, Dancing to music old, old, Jealous eyes, cold, cold, Rough hands, hold, hold, Snatched earrings, oh, no! Eyes teary, legs fold, Mummy-daddy scold,  scold, ‘No more parties’ told,  told, B’bye freedom, B’bye gold!…

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Guest Post – Day 5: Generation Gap

GENERATION GAP by Abhishek Choubey Blog – Gingershouts   “Generation Gap: A chasm, amorphously situated in time and space, that separates those who have grown up absurd from those who will, with luck, grow up absurd.”                                        …

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Guest Post – Day 4: The Oddities of Religion

The Oddities Of Religion by Bloggeray Blog – Musingsite   Religion, belief, identity. Could be mere words, could be potential explosives. The major religions of the World – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism among others — all have their holy books. They have ideas that guide their followers to tread a certain path. The problem is that…

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My Darling Crook

It’s that something, In your eyes, That something, In your smile, That naughty something, In the twitch of your nose, In that tilt of your lips.   That something in, The way my name, Rolls through your, Velvet tongue, Rests on the cusp, Of your soft, Dewey lips.   It’s that something, In your presence,…

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The Thinking Girl

A Well Spent Afternoon

Hi again everyone! Yesterday had been a very busy day for me…. I kicked back, relaxed, read some, wrote some and basically had a very creative day. So you see, I was very busy indeed. Days like yesterday are a rarity, and I was determined to enjoy this one. I’m glad I did 😀 Somewhere…

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Indiblogger Calling

Hello Everyone! I’m here with a small announcement. Yours truly is registered now on Indiblogger right here. This doesn’t mean I’m exiting WP. No, no, WP is special for me. I’ll always be active here. I’ve registered on Indiblogger only so that I may increase my reach. However, the WP platform will always be where…

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