Today I’ll Watch TV

Dedicated to all the homemakers and women out there.


Today I’ll watch TV,

I won’t scrub the floors,

Won’t do the dishes,

Won’t even adhere,

To Husband’s wishes,

Coz today I’ll watch TV.


No, I won’t take the trash out,

I won’t unlock the gates,

I won’t water the plants, nay,

Not even set the dinner plates,

Coz today I’ll watch TV.


Here’s the broom, and the dust pan,

There’s the detergent,

Hark! Here’s the milk man.

No, I won’t fetch my purse to pay,

Today is my resting day,

and today I’ll watch TV.


I never get a day off,

Morn or Night, I’m on the job,

Come rain or hail, sun or shade,

You get your laundry,

And your beds made.



Even when I’m sick,

Nary a day goes,

When the Dog isn’t walked,

The kids aren’t fed,

And you don’t get,

Your ironed clothes.


Never has there come a day,

When the bills go unpaid,

And the house is in disarray.

It’s for you and the love for you, 

That I stay good, and labor through.


But every once in a while,

We can do a role-switch, 

When I’ll be the man,

Waving my fist,

And you’ll be the wench,

Serving me chips.


So today I’ll put up my smelly feet,

Let down my hair,

Feast on cheese balls and wine cheap,

And the devil may care,

Coz today I’ll watch TV!


©Pradita Kapahi, 2017.


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72 thoughts on “Today I’ll Watch TV

      • Maybe I wasn’t as articulate there as I ought to have been. My point was, in this day and age, both partners work sometimes. So if she can go out and be the co-breadwinner, why can’t he step into the kitchen? Or do the laundry?
        And yes, everything is shared, so the household chores should also be shared.

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        • Exactly. And it’s also about the fact that if there’s a role reversal too, it shouldn’t be looked down upon by others. It should be completely fine for a woman to be the sole bread earner and the man to be a home maker, because we don’t live on the kind of world anymore where the physical strength of men was the sole reason why they were the protectors and foragers for the household. When times have changed, then why we do we still cling onto the archaic idea that women need to be at home because of their gentle natures and weak bodies? It’s absurd.

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          • Absurd, yes. But archaic, sadly no. Our society still isn’t comfortable with the idea of a house-husband, so to say. That will be looked down upon and jokes will be made at its expense. Sad, but that’s the reality.
            And coming back to your poem, I think housewives or women who balance work and domestic chores deserve breaks from time to time. It is a reaffirmation of the bond of love and care between the two people.
            BTW, the featured image, are you aspiring to that physique?

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            • Yes it’s true that real life is miles behind what it ought to be. If ‘should be’ were that easy to turn into ‘is’ we’d be living in an utopian society. But that’s not the case sadly. As for the featured image, I can’t dream of that. My weight loss goals are pretty realistic. I know my limits and I know I can never be like Kate Moss 😁

              Liked by 1 person

              • Yeah, not an utopia this!
                That ain’t Kate Moss, is it? Being realistic is good, but no harm in aspiring to achieve a body like that. Maybe after the achievement of “this” set of goals, “that” could become your next aim. 😁

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                    • Actually I’ve been asked to lay off yoga because of lot of asanas put pressure on the knees. My Physio has kept me on a tight exercise schedule that concentrates on increasing mobility in that knee and regaining strength in the leg muscles and the core. So any exercises that put strain on the knee per se, or requires me to bend the knees beyond a 45 degree angle are, for the time being, ruled out. I’ve already regained quite a lot of strength in that knee but recovery is pretty slow because I keep hurting myself and then all the progress becomes useless. So I have to be careful for thanks for the suggestion 😊😊😊

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                    • When you are already undergoing physiotherapy, you don’t need to depend on yoga. It’ll take time but the benefits will be lasting, and permanent.
                      All the best. That physique isn’t beyond you. Nothing is. 👍

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  1. Haha this was absolutely amazing!!! The heavy loads of the tasks listed out perfectly with the rhymes on point!!
    The chips.. the milkman and bills and the unfed kids and unwalked dogs!

    Loved it!
    Bet your hubz was fascinated by this piece of writing! 😄👌

    Liked by 1 person

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