Guest Post – Day 1: Within a Dream

Hello Everyone!

As I had promised in my earlier post, starting today I shall be publishing one guest post each day for the next seven days.

Today it is my pleasure to publish the following poem, written by a young blogger who I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with only very recently, though I wish we met a long time back, because her writings are an absolute joy to read. She had been kind enough to volunteer this poem for publication. Her blog is called –

These Things I Write

Be sure to check it out 🙂
Remember, there’s still six more days of this endeavor left, so start writing and send them across to me!!

Within a Dream

She learned too soon that nothing is what it seems, 
So she sought escape within her dreams. 
In her dreams, as people do, 
She captured her sorrows and bound them tight
And then she flew. 
In her dreams she learned to write
And read and speak with all her might. 
In her dreams, she knew that people would hear
When she stood up and walked and talked without fear. 
In her dreams, she would fall asleep,
No whispers or shouts or monsters too strong, 
And within that slumber, she dreamed of all she would reap. 
In her dreams, she knew the edge of a blade, 
The sharp of an axe, the blunt of a blow, 
The smell of crimson blood
Long after it ceased to flow. 
In her dreams, she saw the rain, 
Cold and sweet and killing her pain. 
She dreamed and dreamed and then she woke
In a dark hour on a misty night 
Stepped out of her door into a relentless shower
Thinking all the while of her dreamer’s sight;
Wrestled against the wind with a feeble body’s power 
Sobbing and screaming 
Loud and silent, 
A violent woman on a lonely prowl. 
She walked and walked 
As she dreamed and dreamed, 
Sounds of anguish welcomed into a pitch black world. 
Long moments later she slipped away
For the while out of sight
And forever out of her anguished mind. 

Please remember the doors are still open for you to send me your writings. Mail them to me at –

With Love,
Pradita Kapahi

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