Guest Post – Day 3: Live Life Full Size

It’s Day 3 of the Guest Post Series and here I am with another wonderful poem by a very witty and charming person, which reflects in his poems too. I dare ya! Give him any word, and he’ll churn out the most delightful poetry on it. Easy on the eyes, but at the same time thought provoking, theΒ following poem gives us a much needed reminder in life to pause and live. His blog is called –


Be sure to check it out πŸ™‚

Remember you have till Wednesday, 22nd February to send me your posts. The last Guest Post would be published on Thursday, 23rd February, and the slots are filling up fast! So, get down to writing your thoughts and send them across to me πŸ™‚

Live Life Full Size


The hurt of a failure is extremely profound,
It pierces deep into heart without any sound,
We are all humans, we are bound to fail,
But success is what all the people hail.
Our own judicious society that made this rule,
To remain socially fit, we obey it like fools,
So when we fail we create much fuss,
As the definition of failure is made by us.
There are no failures there is no success,
Healthy body and mind we should possess,
The relations and affairs are all social needs,
It is only the individual who always succeeds.
So why should we cry on a broken friendship,
And why to shed tears on a spoiled relationship?
The almighty had kept everything planned,
You may not succeed in whatever you want.
So, just take a chill and live your life lightly,
Whatever will happen, will happen so rightly.
Purify your thoughts and mind your deeds,
Decency of words is what each one needs.
Time will not stop and you keep growing old,
Neither you can go back nor you can hold,
Your life will vanish, and you won’t even know,
Live it to the fullest, and let the worries go!
Author Blog:Β

Please remember the doors are still open for you to send me your writings. Mail them to me at –

With Love,
Pradita Kapahi

16 thoughts on “Guest Post – Day 3: Live Life Full Size

  1. Each and every line is perfect.It is well balanced for you answer how to deal with obstacles in different phases of life,whether be relationships,or society’s pressure.This poem explains beautifully What failure is like and how we need to deal with it.Throwing light on the urgency to change our thought process due to the passing time is an excellent thought and a call for many to introspect.
    Wonderful post!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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