My Darling Crook

It’s that something,

In your eyes,

That something,

In your smile,

That naughty something,

In the twitch of your nose,

In that tilt of your lips.


That something in,

The way my name,

Rolls through your,

Velvet tongue,

Rests on the cusp,

Of your soft,

Dewey lips.


It’s that something,

In your presence,

That tickles me,

My heart it flutters,

Dances on your cadence,

Like a refulgent,

Summer brook.


That something,

In your goodbyes,

That tears me up inside,

Keeps me hooked,

To the promise of tomorrows,

Ah! Heavens you are,

My darling crook!!

31 thoughts on “My Darling Crook

    • Thanks a lot Gurl. Actually I’m waiting for traffic to bump up a little. The day that happens, I’ll monetize it. But there’s also a flip side to monetizing the blog. Somewhere you have to compromise on content and cater to popular demand. While I don’t mind doing that once in a while, I’ll be loathe to do that all the time. However the traffic is really the only thing that’s keeping me away from launching a full fledged website on my own. I’m still waiting… Fingers crossed πŸ˜€ but thanks, darling,for watching out for me. You’re really sweet πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


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