Guest Post – Day 5: Generation Gap


by Abhishek Choubey

Blog – Gingershouts


“Generation Gap: A chasm, amorphously situated in time and space, that separates those who have grown up absurd from those who will, with luck, grow up absurd.”

                                                                                                                                                    Bernard Rosenberg

This quote subtly defines what we are and how every generation is different from others and yet we similar. Imagine a quiet Saturday evening where you are relaxing on your couch, switching between Coldplay and Chainsmokers and then you hear your father asking you to lower the volume. He then continues that what great music taste his generation had when they were young. They had the likes of Rafi and Kishore and how Mukesh was underrated. And then he will have a word with you about switching off the lights when you don’t need them. At this moment you will feel like questioning him about what wrong have you done to disappoint him. This is where the generation gap starts building. You will be getting more of these talks and you will question more of his beliefs which eventually weakens the mutual trust.

It is all good to say that because of the age-difference, the different realms of interests and the different environment that we grew up in, differences are bound to be there. No one has got any real control over it. We have different political interests, different fashion sense, different perspective about certain things and different ideas about marriage, religion, faith and friendship. Where we are willing to take a calculated risk, our parents will want us to go safe. Now, women have their say in important family matters. And importance of having a small family is understood by all.

The differences don’t end here. With the technical and medical advancements achieved so far, a lot has changed. Print media is getting replaced by electronic media, orthodox beliefs and practices are no more to be seen, there has been a significant change in the mindset of people with us beginning to think the entire world as a common brotherhood and shed the evils of communalism. But this doesn’t mean that our predecessors were less wise or our successors will be less intelligent. One compliments the other. Our ancestors carved out the path of progress on which we travel today. And this is the way it goes.

Generation gap is something important in many ways. It is an epitome of mankind moving forward. It is a beautiful distance, it beguiles our generation to improvise, to perfect, to live in consonance. The more experienced  beings give the calmness needed and the more zealous ones strive for a happier world. This generation gap is something that must me embraced, that we must respect and not let the gap turn into a canyon.

And yes somethings might never always be the same. Change is permanent, everything else, temporary.

Waqt guzra, zaahir hai aalam bhi badla sa hai, 

Khushfehmi aur gumaan hai yahan, andaaz me tabaadla sa hai.

Chai ki chuski kahi gum hai tarraki ki hawaa me, 

Rooh ke marz ke liye gairon ka shor hi dawaa hai.

Thank you!!


( Abhishek Choubey)


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With Love,
Pradita Kapahi

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