3 Lessons to learn from Yesterday’s Academy Awards Ceremony

Were you up watching the Academy Awards in the wee hours of the morning too? Did you see the biggest faux pas of the Academy years? For those of you who still haven’t watched it or do not care for it, here’s a gist of what happened.

The winner of the last award, i.e. the Best Picture award, was declared to be ‘La La Land’ by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Only after several minutes of acceptance speeches and surprised exultation from the cast and crew, did someone realise that the Envelope actually said ‘Moonlight’ as the real winner of the Best Picture Award!


Da da da daaaah…



Can you imagine what the cast and crew, the show’s organizers, and that poor bloke who made the mistake must have gone through? When it was all unfolding before our eyes on the screen, all I could feel was sympathy for that man/woman who made the mistake. He/she must be going through hell thinking, ‘My careers’s over’ or ‘I’m gonna be decapitated’.

But yesterday’s Academy Awards Ceremony taught us 3 valuable lessons –

A. Hard work pays off

But of course! It’s the hard work of all the actors, directors, other members of the crew who make a film successful and that’s what the Academy tries to celebrate – Hardwork and Excellence in film making.

B. It’s okay to make faux pas

Yes, you had been working hard for a million years to get everything right. Yes, it was bloody unfortunate. Yes, they may hate you for the rest of your life, but hey, that’s what life’s about…. Making mistakes and learning from them. Perfection is a mythical thing. Real life is riddled with mistakes. No one died, life went on. So get over it!

C. It’s just an Award Show

The biggest lesson from the night came from host Jimmy Kimmel himself, who attempted to put things into perspective after the mistake had been discovered. ‘Let’s remember, it’s just an awards show’… Damn right! No words needed to explain this one. Kimmel, you said it all.

What was your favorite Academy Awards moment? Share your views with me in the comments sections below. Would love to hear from you.

Later Folks!

©Pradita Kapahi, 2017

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34 thoughts on “3 Lessons to learn from Yesterday’s Academy Awards Ceremony

  1. This is my favourite TV event of the year, not only because I love the movies, but because of the live performances and the anything goes aspect of it. Kimmel did a first class job, and his comment that “it’s only an awards show” is true. But it is THE awards show.

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  2. Bonjour PRADITA

    Viens je t’emmène dans un monde de rêves

    Viens avec moi au pays de l’amitié

    Ou seul ce petit monde est loi

    Un monde de paix

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    Quelle belle histoire entre nous

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    Je t’écris ces quelques mots avec tendresse

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    Je te souhaite soit une belle soirée soit une belle journée

    Bisous Bernard


    • Hello dear Bernard. You always send me such beautiful verses. This one moved me a lot, as always. Thank you so much for making my day special 🙂 I hope you have a great, great day too 🙂
      Good day


  3. I watched the entire award and I have to say that I was so confused about the Best Picture award announcement. Even though, it is only an award. The Oscars ceremony means a lot to a lot of people that are involved in this industry. In general, a movie crew works for several hours especially those below the line (Below-the-line is a term derived from the top sheet of a budget (Motion Picture, Television, Commercial, Industrial, Student Film, Documentary). The ‘line’ in below-the-line is the one separating the Actors, Director, Producers, and Writers from the other crew).
    In addition, I am sure that both crews worked very hard. La la Land spoke about love that is very important to bring all of us together, but Moonlight deserved this award for telling the story of a young black man from childhood to adulthood motivating those that they are struggling out there for racial justice. I believe that the momentum was lost due this mistake. Also, my favorite moments were Viola Davis, Asghar Farhadi and Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney’s speeches.

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    • Yes, the ones below the line indeed work very hard for all those stars to look good. That’s why I felt bad for the person who made the mistake coz he/she must be getting a very hard time from the bosses. Viola Davis was my personal favorite and yes, Moonlight winning it finally was the icing on the cake. Thanks for commenting 😊

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  4. Actually I don’t watch award show rather I hate it
    If we are talking about Indian film award show then you know very well , how they fix their awards Yaa I believe in national award .
    At last you were discussing about Oscar 😂
    No words
    बेगानी शादी में अब्दुल्ला दीवाना

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  5. Well said. The only thing I would add is the example of graciousness shown by the producer (or director?) of Lala Land when he announced that Moonlight was actually the winner. That was so classy.

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  7. I didn’t watch the whole show but yes, I did watch that blooper-of-a-lifetime. I was relaying news of the awards to my friends after checking them on Twitter and then decided to watch the last few myself. We can’t even imagine how bad the La La Land team would have felt. And yet, they were so gracious. Kudos to them.
    And oh, I guess that card-showing moment has to be the favourite.

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