Guest Post Fridays

Hi Everyone!

I’m here with yet another announcement (is this becoming a thing here on the pradita chronicles?) XD But I promise this you’re gonna like.

Remember how I did an entire week of Guest Posts? Well, your response that week was amazing! I received articles of all kinds and the readers gave a great response and feedback to the same. Kudos to you guys!



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In fact, it grieved me to decline a few posts because the week was over, but it got me thinking – why shouldn’t this be a regular feature on my blog? 

So beginning next week (10th March, 2017), on every Friday I’ll publish an article from you guys! INDEFINITELY 🙂 What’s more? You get to choose the topic, the length and the media 😀

I can’t say what time though, because of late I have been pretty busy with work and some other issues that have cropped up in life, but I’ll try to post them by Fridays, 7 P.M.

Points to Remember:

The content should not be too mature. Let’s try to keep it ‘G-Rated’ here 😀

The articles could be pre-published, I don’t have an issue with that.

No series please! Last time I had to decline a few posts because they were more than one of a series. If you wish to publish a part of a series, I would be glad to do so, but I’ll publish only one part and I’ll mention that the post is from a series. Posting more than one part of series would be very unfair to the other contributors. Right? Fair enough? Good 🙂

Early birds will get featured first. It’s as plain as that. I don’t like favoritism and you won’t get it in this series either. The sooner you send me your work, the faster it’ll get published. Sounds Fair? Yay!

Lastly, about featured pics and other media, if you’re sending me your own featured pics (bear in mind please that I can’t embed videos on my site yet. I know it sucks!) or video links, please send me the right link to the original creator of those works. It’s all about good IPR ethics 😉

So, don’t keep me waiting for too long. Get your ideas down and send them across to me at

I’m waiting to hear from you guys and I know you will, as usual, surprise me 😀


As always, yours truly

❤ ❤ ❤

Pradita Kapahi

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39 thoughts on “Guest Post Fridays

  1. Hey, idk I was constantly missing your posts…… WP is sick!!!!
    Woah!!! That’s something very very interesting…….. I am sure it will be rocking……
    I wanna be part of it…..
    And best of luck to you!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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