Article Contribution: I, Me, Myself as My Source of Confidence

Hi all you lovely people!

As the title reads, this is an announcement about my article published on Candles Online today. Please head over to this link to check it out and drop in your comments.

With Love

Pradita Kapahi

23 thoughts on “Article Contribution: I, Me, Myself as My Source of Confidence

  1. Its written beautifully. Very motivating. It should be read by every young girl. Great going Pradita.I appreciate your practical outlook. I am sure with such attitude more couples will be happier. Lovely write up

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    • Thanks a lot Arv. I don’t know if its motivating because it offers a very bleak and pessimistic outlook towards relationships, but it’s what has made my life easier. I hope it brings strength to others. Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

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      • Pradita, we often make things complicated by attaching lot of expectations and idealism. Fact is if you really love someone truly, all this doesn’t matter. I don’t think it’s a pessimistic view. It’s a specific situation which can only be countered by adjusting expectations. Else the relationship is bound to be doomed.

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  2. There are moments where you watch something or read something that makes you tearful..this article I one of them. It’s almost everything I think and value about my own personal issues and I really connect with what you said about having to fight through such hardships by yourself and i strongly understand the importance of finding that courage to tell yourself “you can do it”. It upset me about things in your life and i comend you for being strong and brave to have gone through it all and continuing to do so.

    I feel like I’ve grown up doing so much by myself that even now being surrounded by people isn’t enough as i hardly had any support and now facing an illness..because at the end of the day only you are strong enough to push yourself through things.

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