People Memes: Part 6

We’ve all gone through this




Bear Cub 1: Moooooom! Just ten minutes more. I’m gonna break Blackie’s record!

Bear Cub 2: Nooooo, Mom. He could never! Liar, liar, liaaar…. Pants on fire!

Bear Cub 3: Can I have a chocolate bar before bed?

Mamma Bear: Oh, hushhhh, the lot of you! It’s past your bedtime… (Hope I still catch that chick-flick on TV)

Hope this made you smile.Β Have a Great Weekend Guys πŸ˜€ ❀

With Love,

Pradita Kapahi


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20 thoughts on “People Memes: Part 6

  1. They also have a family value. Every day on my way to office, i see a monkey play with his child, ( I don’t know proper word for baby monkey ) some times it comes between the road while playing, and suddenly its mother come and pull it back and love it. Sometimes it shows anger also by showing it a teeth. And a baby monkey hug his mother to make her cool. I love this scene.

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