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I always saw the different blogs about social issues, also I analyze them today. I would like to give my opinion which comes after a case study. I don’t know if I am describing it in right manner or just throwing useless content.

Now let’s start…

First of all, we’ll talk about general social issues. It may be any riot, rape case, kidnapping, political issue, religious issue or any other type of harrasement, and so on .

After every case we just blame others for circumstances, we never try to observe the situation, we never try to make any changes. We just think that we will speak up and it will improve our social image. I am sorry, I am bitter speaker but it is the truth. I think I should cut the crap because it will distract me from the real  topic which I am going to discuss with you.

When a bad event happens in our country, then people speak lot of things. Also many reasearchers, media person, philosophers throw their philosophies. Even common people give their views  who are well educated. One question strikes my mind,

‘To whom we are trying to make aware?

I would like to give the answer  – they try to make aware the poor people or villagers, uneducated people.

It makes two confusions in my mind –

  1. All poor, uneducated, villagers are mannerless or backward; they don’t know anything about human values.
  2. All educated, reasearchers are well mannered; they always follow all types of humanism; even they are ideals to everyone .

Now let’s study about both points…

If we are saying that all poor person, villagers, uneducated people are rude then I would like to give a tight slap (I am really sorry I just lost my emotions ) because incredible India still lives in villages and poor people do follow all human values as compared to other philosophers.

Now comes the other point…

All phliosphers, well educated, modern people are well mannered

So listen I have seen your manners when you take out your father from your house when he gets old; you people touch your girl friends at public place with wrong intentions after you speak up about rape cases; most of media journalists, actors  have extra marital affairs. How can we say that they are well mannered? I am so sorry.

This result is totally based on my experience which I earned in past 5 years which I have spent far away from my home at the age of 16 to 20+. I know this is a very young age but I think a lot about social issues, so I wanted to express my conclusion but at the end point I would like to discuss about the topic name which is suggested as three faces of society :

Actually there are three types of people in our society –

First one those who always blame the opposite side for their circumstances, they never study about what is the exact situation, they use single weapon in the form of vitctim.

Second one are those who always oppose the first type of people. Either  opposition is right or wrong. Also they lose their temper sometimes.

Means, both types of people have same behavior but they take favour of opposite side. After that I would like to reveal the other type of society.

Third one is the category of thinkers

They observe the both situations and never make any debate but they know exactly what is wrong and what is right. Also they do support the right things but that’s not an easy task, that’s why they never have social image in any society .

If I give any example to show the exact scenario then it may represent me as a racist so I would like to take the example of politics which is most sensible topic but as a writer I am sure no one will mind –

First one type of people are AAP supporters who always oppose the BJP any how? They never understand that Mr. Modi is right or wrong, they use the victim card, common people card, all types of weapons but they never support BJP.

Second type of people are like BJP leaders who have all issues with Arvind Kejriwal. They never care if he is doing good or not, they always oppose them.

Third type of people are not in politics. Sorry in above para I discussed that they never get popularity. No one likes them. In societies they never play any role.

Now the question is why?

How can you say that?

May be you have a lot examples but I have discussed at starting this study is totally based on my past experience. Even I don’t want to give any hard message to anyone.

Actually third type people are bitter speakers who speak infront of everyone! So obviously one type of people will oppose them, in other case third type people will directly oppose the second type of people. Pretty sure they will also hate this type of person. Even in society that person will always support the right things. As you know sometimes first one becomes good and sometimes second one plays the role of the right person. Then how can he support only one?

If he will criticise both then both will become enemy. That’s why third type of people do not have any social image.

Thank you.

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