Hello everyone!

This is about another article I’ve published with Candles Online. It’s about the random incidents in my life that have brought me happiness.

Please check it out and leave your comments and thoughts. I’d love to know what you think of the message I’m trying to convey through this post.



Candles Online

In life, we crave certainty, surety and sameness of things. We mostly take decisions or make our moves cautiously. Randomness is equated with rashness, but sometimes, randomness can also lead to a happy ending.

When Chiradeep told me this week’s topic, I thought, “Gosh, I don’t have theme based pics at all”. He kindly pointed out to me that I could write on random as a topic, with pictures. It didn’t make sense to me at first, but as I frantically combed my store of pictures, I realised I did have a theme – Random Happiness. There are so many little moments in my life that have happened by sheer happenstance, on a random day. Nothing planned, nothing certain about them.

I’m sure there must be incidents in your life too when random acts or incidents have worked out. Like a random act of kindness to a beggar. Or…

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27 thoughts on “RANDOM HAPPINESS

  1. Your daughter is adorable. So sweet of her to give you a flower. I love her. And I tried making a house out of cardboard. I’m not telling you what happened next. These Random Happiness stay with us for a long long time. Wonderful post pradita.


  2. Random thoughts and times, people and places, all have their own stories to narrate. It’s up to us to catch the happiness in randomness and small things in life. Very well written pradita.
    Your daughter is adorable. God bless her.

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