First Impressions



The first time she saw him, she didn’t care for who or what he was…For all she cared, he could be the woolly mammoth. All she cared for was to tear down the whole world. Tear down the mimosa she was under, its leaves, its limbs, its stump. Tear down the tarmac off the road, the stones off the pavement, the blades of grass, the sun from the firmament and the clouds from the sky. She wished she was a giant, she could go stomp, stomp, stomp all of everything, just like she had stomped on an anthill she had found teeming with red ants in her backyard when she was only five.

She remembered that day well, remembered how empowered she felt obliterating the ants en masse. It was only years later she looked back at that memory, not with pride, but with shame. But she couldn’t deny she felt powerful that day, as if there was something she, a mere girl of five back then, had in her power to do. For there is little power that girls of five have over their own lives, much less others. And today, the saddest day of her life so far, she was hungering for power, she was looking to vent and that’s why she wanted to tear something down.

So when he stumbled upon her that day, he became the obvious object of her seething anger. Little did he know, or she knew, that this was a first of many such days.

“Could you please guide me to this address?” he asked sheepishly, holding up a hand with a small note with writing on it. He was trying not to and failing miserably at checking her out, and that only angered her even more.

She wrenched her earphones off her ears and stood up from her spot under the Mimosa, her very own secret hideout, which this dumbass had somehow discovered, polluted it for her, which was another reason why she grew angrier still. So many little agonies building up in one five feet nothing body and to top it all the ‘great news‘ she had heard today… Who wouldn’t succumb to a fit of madness?

When she said the next words, it was as if the dam within her had broken and there was nothing she could do to contain her anger, “What? You can’t use your own eyes and brains to find an address? There are only fifteen houses in this area… fifteen! How difficult is it to find one goddamned address, huh?”

She shifted her weight onto another leg, thrusting her hip out, and placing her hands on her hips. She was in full battle mode and god help anyone who came before her when she was pissed like so. The boy stumbled several paces back, as if she were a dragon breathing fire down at him.

“I…” he stuttered, but was silenced by another torrent of words.

“…and don’t you know not to sneak up on girls… creep?!” She looked him up and down, not sizing him up, just assessing if he was going to say, or worse, do something.

He didn’t.

He looked at her for several seconds, not checking her out this time, but in confusion and some incredulity. He shook his head, shifted his heavy looking bag a bit, and walked away from her, back into the bushes where he came from.

She swallowed… what was that? Why the sudden outburst? The poor guy was only asking for an address! Her inner self admonished her. She sighed heavily. She knew she had been unnecessarily angry. Wasn’t her father always telling her to keep it calm. Well, her father and his calm could take a hike. He was to be be blamed for all this… for her pent up anger, for her shame, for her tears.

And she was never going to forgive him…

This is a two part story. The next part shall be coming soon.

Stay tuned 🙂 🙂


Copyright ©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.


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46 thoughts on “First Impressions

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  2. Nicely detailed. Btw, where did this new series come up in the midst of the existing one? 😀
    The girl seemed rather pissed off, and the boy is like the other ones in your stories – cool, unruffled and sizing up things with his eyes.

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