I Stand Corrected

Ok now that I have your attention…. Hi!

No, this isn’t one of my stories or blog posts, this is just a correction of a writing-error on my part. Yes, I chose a catchy line just so this post could get as many views as possible. My writing dry-run continues and I’m still trying to get back into ‘normal mode’ after the crazy 3 weeks I’ve had of work and socializing. So my dear readers, apologies for not being regular with my posts and a thousand more apologies for not reading your posts.

Ok, so the error is this –

It has been brought to my attention that the email id I provided for the running Guest Post Fridays series was misspelled (I know it’s daft of me). Now I don’t know if any of you tried to email me on the WRONG email id and receieved radio silence from me, but now you know what happened.

The correct email id is – praditakapahi@gmail.com 

So please send, or resend your articles to me on the email id given above and I shall publish them on subsequent Fridays as and when slots are free 🙂

So sorry for the radio silence again 😀 😀 😀


Have a great day, folks!

Adios! ❤ ❤ ❤

33 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected

  1. A question: Why not seek to reblog some of your followers articles you like as opposed to inviting and waiting for them to write something for you? I have often seen your invitation but think to myself “what should I write, what does she like or need, does she know my interests, etc etc?” Or I could say …… suggest a topic within my sphere of knowledge and I’ll write it. 🕉👫

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    • Dr. B, you make a valid point! 😀 I should maybe start reblogging insted of inviting people to write because most of them just ask me to pick anything from their blog and just publish it, in effect reblogging the articles.

      As for your interest in guest posting for me, thank you so much and like I mentioned above, I take my pick from anything, if they want me to. In fact, I wanted to ask you if I could reblog one of your posts – Moralising and tolerance, because I loved it, even though I didn’t comment on it, because of want of suffecient knowldge on the Brexit issue. But if you permit, I will reblog it 🙂 Should you ever want to offer something as a Guest Post, feel free to write on anything under the sun. I value your opinions on Education especially. So maybe that could be the topic (hint, hint 😉 )

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      • Thanks Pradita, very kind of you. Please do go ahead with the Moralising reblog. It’s based on AC Graylings book with maybe 60 issues in the book. I intend to select a couple each week next one on Perseverance! Sorry about the Brexit focus, this is central to our lives at present so Graylings items all fit into that world. Probably after I have let off steam on the first few I will be more general. OK, I’ll do something on education for you but not for a few weeks as we are off to America next week. 🕉👫

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        • Aah yes, the Great American Train Adventure. I remember you telling me about it. Well have a great time and safe travels! I shall reblog your post soon. And please don’t be sorry for the Brexit focus. I liked how you linked the book to the situation in the UK. Hete in India we have our own preoccupation with what our own PM is upto these days. So we all, as concerned citizens,have our own worries and thoughts to share.

          Thanks again for letting me reblog and for the offer to guest post. Have fun!


  2. 2 possibilities!!

    1.looks like someone else must have received lots of guest post requests, wondering what this is all about.
    2. those who requested must have had email bounce back!

    situation 1 sounds amusing!

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        • I’ve googled my name plenty of times (I’m a little vain, see 😁) and I’ve come across only me with my full name. Of course Kapahis are plenty and so are Praditas but just one Pradita Kapahi 😁

          As for my hiatus, boy was it busy! If I wasn’t busy with work, I was busy entertaining, and vice versa. Now things are finally settling down thankfully. 😊 I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with your as well as a lot of other blogs. What have you been up to?

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          • You’re perfectly fine if you’ve googled up your name, Pradita! It’s curiosity, after all!
            Don’t worry it’s okay to be away from blogging world once in a while. I have been away too! Was on a week long trip to the Far East! 🙂


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