Moralising & Tolerance: #1 The Meaning of Things

How many of you have come across figures in your lives who think that only they are right, that they should be honoured at all times, worshipped and held in high esteem, for no other reason than just being what or who they are? I’m sure you have at least one such person in your life. I have had several, and it has taught me much about such people – that they are hollow from within, hypocrites to the core and they’re secretly insecure.

That’s why I couldn’t agree more with my fellow-blogger, Dr. B, who has written on the topic of moralizing and intolerance, where he applies excerpts from A.C. Grayling’s book ‘The Meaning of Things‘ to the prevailing political situations in UK and USA, and much of the rest of the world, where a difference of opinion generally generates an over the top, moralizing and intolerant reaction from opposite factions.

Even if you’re not a politics person, like I am, I’m sure you’ll find much truth in Dr. B’s words, coupled with quotes from the aforementioned book and other great personalities, that moralizing people are often intolerant of behaviours that are not in conjunction with their way of life. They are glorified bullies, in other words. They may not hit you, cuss at you, but they’ll degrade you just the same, just so they can have their way.

There’s only one way to treat such people – ignore them. Ignorance of their ramblings generally causes them to either shut-up or escalate their intolerant behaviour. But like how Dr. B rightly points out, they seem quite funny when you’ve once snubbed them!

Without further ado, I’ll leave you to enjoy this engaging piece from Dr.B.


19 thoughts on “Moralising & Tolerance: #1 The Meaning of Things

  1. Pradita, you do me much honour by reblogging my article and also by your most kind words about my writing. Professor Grayling is a well known philosopher here in the UK and has written many books which are easy to read and well focused. However, let me reveal to you something I relate in a later post; Grayling himself fits into the moralising hypocrite category he eloquently described 10 years ago! He is part of a significant group of intellectuals, politicians and celebrities who are attempting to undermine our Brexit decision. They even use the language of “the people must rise up against this…” completely ignoring the fact that the people have voted! Utter hypocrites all of them.
    I have started an article on education for you and the philosophy of education which I hope you can use too. Posted next week sometime. B.πŸ™πŸ•‰πŸ‘«

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  2. Indeed the only “treatment” these people deserve is letting them alone and ignoring. Sometimes, this allows them to cool down but in other cases it hurts their ego even more, their reaction is outrage!

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