Guest Post: Our Judgements and Predictions

Shubhankar Sharma

Confused Thoughts

Hello eveyone. Hope you all are well.

Today I’ll start with discussing an incident –

One of my friends lives in Delhi. So me and my friend were travelling in the Metro and as most of you know very well, 5-8 p.m. is peak time of metro. All employees, working persons, even students return home, so metro becomes quite disgusting at that time. I was also standing on one of the metro stations, bulk of people were moving around there. Most of them were running from one platform to another. We also boarded one. We too, ran fast because lots of people were also waiting there, so we just wanted to secure our place. Available seats are just dreams in a Metro. You can’t get a small place to even put your feet. Finally we did occupy the window corner. Me and my friend were feeling relaxed. A number of people were standing here and there.

Then I saw an old man who was facing too much difficulty. His body was almost shaking. We know, Indian culture is almost dead in metro cities, no one offers seats for pregnant women, senior citizens. Even when a women comes to you and asks “bhaia, this is reserved seat only for women”, a lot of people leave the seat but with bubbling excuses.

So when I was looking at the old man, a young girl entered the metro, looking too for a seat, but sadly all seats were taken up. She hardly could find standing space and now she was standing behind that old man. As we know, metro stations are situated very close to each other. After 5 minutes an announcment came, “Next station is Tilak Bridge; doors will open on the the left; please mind the gap”,  and metro was decreasing its speed and when it arrived at the station,  the Metro was barely moving, but even then, some people lose their balance if they are not holding any support or handle. The same thing happened with that old man. He was trying to control, but his weak body was out of control, and his hands were stopped by a supporter, but unknowingly, he touched the body of that girl. Within seconds he admitted his mistake and said, “Sorry, beta ! Now my body is so weak you know I am too old …….”.

She stopped him and started shouting at him, even before he could complete his line, “Oh, you old man! I know how cheap you are (oye budhhe mujhe sab pata hai, tumhari tharakpanti). Shame on you! I am like your daughter. Do you think I am not aware about your intentions? Since last 10 minutes, I was ignoring your lusty eyes but now it’s enough! Enough!”

I was totally shocked, what happened to her? It was such a normal thing to happen. How could she say that he was staring at her, even when he was standing aback? But who knows about that matter?

The ideology is, “If she is a girl, surely she is right. If she is saying that budhha (old man) was touching her, then pretty sure old man is tharki (perverted)”.

And all the people started pointing that old man, “Yaar baba kuch to sharam karo (Oh old man, shame on you!)”

Another uncle said, “Uncle, don’t you have any daughters or sisters at home?”  Even a young boy got high and tried to beat the old man but some good people stopped his hands.

I was just keeping silence that old man was helpless and his eyes filled with tears. I went to him and held his hand and said, “(Baba, yaar aap tension mat lo. Vahan baitho, khali seat bhi ho gayi ab to) Oh dear old man! Don’t care about them, just ignore them and look there is a seat. Please come and sit there”, and he was just wordless that I was understanding his situation.

Now people were staring at me like I was a criminal. That girl was looking at me with anger. 

Now comes the second incident…

I was travelling in an auto-rikshaw and there was a girl alone sitting inside. I occupied my seat, and now one place was left in the auto. Later a boy came there and entered into the auto from the girl’s side. Unknowingly, his bag scratched the girl’s leg, and he instantly said sorry, and she replied “It’s ok”, with a huge smile. As you know my pseudonym is ‘Confused Thoughts‘, and again I lost myself in my thoughts.

And now lots of people may assume that I am a person with sexist views. But I’ll ask you to look at another another incident which happened in a bus –

There was a huge crowd in a local bus which started from Noida to Ghaziabad, and there was a young boy standing there. There was also a matured man, around 40 or 45. Everything was going well, when suddenly I heard a cracking sort of sound. Actually, that 45 year old man had slapped the young guy who was standing behind him and he was continuously abusing him badly. I was watching everything from my corner.

That older man was saying, “Sale chor! Kuch kaam dhandaa nahi hai? Bewakoof samajh rakha hai kya hame (Bloody Thief! Jobless! You think that I am a fool?)”

The Boy was repeatedly saying, “Sorry Uncle, I was not trying to do anything (Sorry Uncle, ap mujhe galat samajh rahe ho. Main aisa bilkul bhi nahi kar raha tha).

The Man said, “Haan haan, mujhe mat sikha. Sab pata hai mujhe. Tum jese ladke kese hote hain, maine to tujhe shakal dekh ke hi pehchaan lia tha) Oh you, don’t try to be smart. I know very well about your kinda boys. I recognized your type right when you entered in  the bus.”

The young boy got nervous and started crying and that man was not in any mood to stop his abusive words, and he went on to say, “Bulao police ko abhi. 4-6 dande pdenge to akal aa jayegi (Someone call the police. A few beatings will teach him a better lesson).

That boy said, “You don’t know about me, but I know myself since 20 years. Why will I snatch your wallet? First of all, you should make sure where actually your wallet has been lost”. The boy sounded right. Others too said the same thing. So that man started to check out his bags and pants, and finally, he found his wallet in his laptop bag and the boy instantly said, “Look Uncle, didn’t I say so?” 

Now the real discussion starts. I try to get to a conclusion, but first I would like to clarify a few observations which will help you out to find the correct conclusion –

In the first incident, the old man was wearing old and rough clothes. His shoes too were a little bit damaged. Maybe he was a villager or he maybe a poor worker. In the second incident, that guy was well dressed and he was chatting with his friends when his bag scratched on the girl’s leg, and oh, I still remember he had an IPhone 7. In the third incident, the boy was too dark and the older man too fair. And that young boy was badly dressed. 

Before declaring anything, I would like to say that I am not a judge, neither am I saying that I will be correct anyhow. No, I am just going to give my opinion. If my words will hurt anyone’s sentiments then I would like to say sorry first and then sorry, because I can’t stop writing.

We all have almost the same mentality which is found everywhere, in everyone’s mind which is that if a person is wearing decent clothes and he/she is speaking fluent english or he has an expensive phone/car, then pretty sure he is a very honourable, reputed person. He must be honest, he must not be narrow minded. He must be a pure soul.

But if a person speaks in HINDI in front of us and he is in old fashioned clothes or old clothes, surely that person is foolish and maybe even illiterate. If a person never wants to share about himself and he always keeps to himself, he does not believe in the ‘chill-pill methodology’, surely he/she is so dumb, we can even say he is selfish.

Another fact is that if a person is dark in color, and he has worn bad clothes or dressed up badly, he must be a thief, he will deceive us, he should not be at your place even if he is your family relative or neighbor. Keep a distance from him/her because he will decrease our respect, reputation in front of others who are rich.

If today I have written bitterly then surely I would like to touch these causes which happen in social life. I saw many times when a rich brother can’t sit with his poor sibling because his sibling is a small worker or he is a hawker, and it can harm his image. Well done! I  would like to clap!  For sometime you are doing so well, how can poor he interfere in your reputed life? He has a lower class tag!

We ignore those of our classmates who don’t want to party with us, who don’t want to plan any trip with us. Do you ever think about why he/she can’t collaborate with you? Maybe because he can’t afford it? But that doesn’t mean he feels bad or he or she is blaming his luck! No man is the type that if they can’t afford a thing, they would still want that luxury; they’d rather live without them. Some are happy with their present circumstances. 

I know I have written a lot but it was the demand of the discussion. I would like to request you all – please never, ever judge a person by their looks, economical condition, education, language. And stop predicting a person’s behavior by their skin complexion!

Thanks for your patience till the end and giving your honest views in the comment box. You can even correct me without any hesitation , I will never mind! 

Shubhankar Sharma


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 Thank you for your time.


Pradita Kapahi

29 thoughts on “Guest Post: Our Judgements and Predictions

  1. Amazing post Shubhankar. Thanks for this post Pradita. Nowadays people have lost their sense of sanity and humanity. All the three incidents were really depressing. And the fact that an old man had to stand in a metro when there are seats reserved for Old persons is heartbreaking. Why don’t the citizens feel responsible to at least take these old people and make them sit in those seats reserved for them? Dunno what the world has come to be. I find the people of Bombay much more helpful but you gotta be cautious there too. 🙂

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  3. In a crowded bus/train, people usually jump to a conclusion when some one points an accusing finger against another. That’s crowd behaviour. It is dangerous. The behaviour of the crowd cannot also be predicted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tina. Thank you so much for your kind interest in my blog. It means a lot to hear from readers that they like my blog.

      As for how I get so many comments, I would say its only because I care about the quality of articles on my blog. And more importantly, I care about the people who read my stuff. I try to reciprocate their generosity by giving them an honest and prompt feedback on their own work, and that is generally how you make a following. I know diddly squat about SEO functions and using them to boost traffic. All I’ve ever done is be true to my writing and to my readers. Hope that helped. I’m going over to your blow now to check it out and follow you 🙂

      Have a great day 🙂

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