No impediment it was..

It was a while back when this was published by my learned friend, Mr. Natahswami, but even today when I read it again, it leaves an impression of a complete man, his aims, achievements and never-say-die spirit. The short story of his formative years in a village teaches us that success and erudition need not come only form the best of schools, books, gadgest, tuition classes and money. It comes first from hard work and the will to achieve.

Read on to inspire yourself, just like I have been…

23 thoughts on “No impediment it was..

  1. I grew up in a small town and nights when we had load shedding in the summer, we used to go to the terrace with a mat and lie down and look at the stars. I was so fascinated by them. I already had made a plan to be famous as I dreamed of being the first man on Mars and writing my name in the sands of time forever like Neil Armstrong. Forget this, now I can’t even gaze at stars at night with all the light pollution.

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    • Wow! I feel ya! Nothing beats a sky full of stars seen from a village or a small town, where you can actually make out the trail of the Milky Way. I know, cities have totally killed star gazing. Forget the stars, there are days when even the moon isn’t visible. 😦

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