Guest Post: You Are What You Think

Rekha R. Kamath

A Lil Bit of Everything

Over the years, we have heard the statement “You are what you think” a lot of times. What effects do thoughts have on our lives? How do negative thoughts bring bad times and how does being optimistic helps us to lead a happy life?

“Every thought we think is creating our future.” – Louise Hay


  • You wake up in the morning and you realize that you are late for work and you curse yourself for snoozing the alarm; you say that the day is going to go bad; you reach your workplace late; your boss gives you a ‘lecture’ on punctuality, you find your colleagues irritating for no reason and by the end of the day, you don’t complete deadlines and you are in a mess!
  • You have an important meeting to attend, the ones that make/break your career or the ones that are important for your promotion; you are nervous about it; you think what if you reach late? What if the board decides to demote you or the worst – fire you? What if … And your worst fears come true. You are fired!
  • You are going to write an exam and you worry about what if you don’t remember the correct answer; what if you go ‘blank’ during the exam? What if the exam is really tough, just as how others had told it would be? And, the exam went worse than you expected it to be!
  • Do you find yourself stuck with negative elements (people) in your life, the ones who irritate you and you just can’t get away from them? And, you think a lot about what they do that irritates you and how they manage to hurt you every single time!

Have you had any of these experiences before? Or have you come across something similar to the ones mentioned above?

If you have, then observe the thought patterns you  have had. Before the event could occur, you had negative thoughts about it. You were only thinking about things that never happened, the things that would bring only bad experiences.

Opposites attract‘ might not be true in all situations! In case of thoughts, likes attract. You feed a negative thought in you mind, you will get more of such thoughts. You think about positive thoughts and you will find that the world is a better place to live.

Start your day with a positive thought. Get up from your bed saying that it is going to be a good day and all good things will happen in your life today. And of course, after saying this, do not think that it will not work!

What consumes your mind, controls your life.

The world is a bad place. Crime rates are sky rocketing. You read in the papers about rapes, murders, terror attacks, etc . People cheat a lot; they do not respect a fellow human being; everybody is rude to me; they always hurt me; they take advantage because I don’t talk back; nothing works in my life; all my friends have a better life than I do; I am UNLUCKY!

Observe the negativity in the above paragraph. If you think the world is a bad place, you are unlucky, you were cheated, you lose your job and you are helpless…The only thing that is working here, bringing more negativity in your life is nothing but your OWN negative thoughts!

We all live in, what is known as a YES UNIVERSE. It says YES to everything. You think your life is in a mess, the universe says YES. You consider yourself to be lucky, the universe says YES. You know that you have a bright future ahead, YES. You think crime rates are at an alarming rate, YES again.

The universe, the higher self or subconscious, whatever you  like to call it, does not think about right or wrong. It has no brain of its own to deduce if something it says YES to is good or bad. It says YES to everything!

Think about why we sometimes attract negative people in our lives; the ones who try to lower our self-esteem, hurt us, break our hearts and so on. The more we despise them, the more irritating they turn out to be. Why? This is how like thoughts attract. You hate them, the universe says YES. They find more ways to irritate you and now you hate them even more and this cycle continues! This is true with every other negative thought pattern in our mind.

So how do you stay positive? How do you attract only good in your life?

The answer is THOUGHTS. Positive thoughts to be specific.

Any time you find yourself in a difficult situation, do not freak out. Analyse what you can do about it. Be positive about the outcome. When I say outcome, I do mean the positive one! Eg.: Think that you will be out of the bad situation and it will not cause you any more trouble.

Be aware of your thoughts. Every time a negative thought comes into your mind; observe the thought. Once you are aware of your thoughts, negative thoughts fade away.

Affirmations works wonders when it comes to creating a positive lifestyle. Every time you are aware of a negative thought, you can say one of the affirmations mentioned below :

  • I believe in myself and my abilities.

  • Good things happen to me because I know they will.

  • I am open to positive changes in all areas of my life.

  • I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe.

  • Life supports me in every possible way.

You can read more about how to live an optimistic life -> here

Beliefs and fear affect our thoughts and thought patterns. Guilt, criticism and resentment are other topics that are worth talking about. I will be writing more on these topics in the near future.

I would like to end this post with a quote :




Thank you.




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Thank you for your time.

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