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We’ve all known that nosy kid in school who loved to tease and taunt us for having a broken shoe, or funny hair, or being on the heavier side. Yes, we all hated him. Many of us have also know adults who taunt out of habit, maybe not because they mean harm, but because taunting is a part of their behavior now. If you are one of them, this post is especially for you!

Two days back I was at a friend’s son’s Birthday party. Β She stays with her in-laws and her parents were going to come to the event as well. Both sets of parents are generally very kind-heartedΒ and good-natured people. But occasionally there come’s an awkward statement or two.

So this Friend’s parents arrived, and the moment they came, they sought to meet with my Friend’s In-laws, who greeted them warmly and asked after their health. All was…

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51 thoughts on “TEMPTED TO TAUNT

  1. what a lovely topic you have picked up. It’s something we all do. And some simply love it, it’s their favorite past time. I’m sure it’ll take lot’s of effort to refrain from it. My personal thoughts are that it is also infectious! If are recipient of taunts, you are most likely to pass it back….
    Happy to come across such lovely write ups from you, Pradita!

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    • Thank you so much. Though I hope that you are at neither end if this problem. Yes, it can be very contagious and I have first hand experience on being at both the giving and receiving end. It leaves a bad memory either way. Glad you liked it 😊

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      • To be honest, when you interact with variety of people, there’s no escaping… either ways. Most of it unintentional though! You are right, negative things will always leave bad “after-taste”.

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        • Glad you agree with me. Unintentionally we may do wrong but the moment you realise it, you should correct it or a misunderstanding gets created which could cost you that relationship. It’s always good to make things right.


  2. Amazing so well put through. So many of us face this situation in life even we must change our attitude towards these kinds of bullies by giving them a deaf ear whether they wish to change or not. Nicely penned article. πŸ™‚

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  3. πŸ’“ touching article !
    I agree with you , when I was in school that time I didn’t bear a single taunt even I made alot fights with my close friend who was much bully 😁😁
    That time I was short tempered , I lost my temper lot of times .
    Vo un bachhon m SE tha Jo ldne ke Baad fir SE dosti b krne a jate hain 😁 now I have few best friends who are school mate and he is one of them .
    Btw I can’t bear if someone is taunting other one because of his/her looks , clothes or body shape
    Ok leave it , Mai hmesha apni story start kr deta Hun πŸ˜‹

    You are doing great and we can say star of candles online πŸ˜‡

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  4. Interesting article Pradita. Oh! now you have decided to follow that movie dialogue😁😁 even I used to make fun of others in my college days because I enjoy when people make comments on me. Later I understood not everyone takes it in right spirit. I have changed now. Now it’s like, I speak softly. I count down numbers when I get angry😊😊

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