Police Recruits With A Heart of Gold: We Are The World Blogfest #WATWB #faithinhumanityrestored

It’s the second month of this Blogfest and we I have already seen a great many not only joining up, but also responding with kind words on stories shared by those involved in this blogfest. Each day we come across news or instances of violence, depravity, meanness and loss of humanity. The Blogfest attempts to bring a ray of light into our sour hearts by sharing stories that tell us – we are still human.

Should you want to join up, please visit this link and and sign up for the initiative by using the Blog Hop given in Damyanti’s blog, Daily (w)rite.

Last time, I discussed the initiative of a retired MP police officer who started an educational program to educate the backward in a small village.

This time I want to share with you the story of these young Police Recruits who pooled in money to provide for an elderly hawker’s stolen bicycle.  Mind you, in India, the general outlook of the public towards the Police is not too great. They are mostly seen as people who are power-crazy, autocratic and lazy. But haven’t we been told not to judge a book by it’s cover? Also, these recruits weren’t Police Officer’s yet, they’re still under training which means their own stipends must be only a few thousands. But they pitched in together to help this old man who would hawk his wares using his bicycle. Read the full story here.


Image Source: indiatimes.com

They are not the only police officers to act humanely though.

This Police Officer bought a poor, shirtless girl clothes to wear.


Image Source: Daily Bhaskar 

While these Delhi Police Officers donated blood to the same man who shot at them. Then of course there is the retired police officer whose noble initiative I mentioned above.

Maybe we should change the way we think about Police Officers, shouldn’t we? 

Acts of kindness like these reassure us that goodness still exists in our hearts, and that no matter the role a person has in society, folks can still make room for kindness, brotherhood and charity in their hearts.

Salute to these wonderful officers and recruits!

I really do hope you participate in this initiative. Join up through the blog links provided above. Use the #WATWB hashtag wherever you can and promote this blogfest.

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23 thoughts on “Police Recruits With A Heart of Gold: We Are The World Blogfest #WATWB #faithinhumanityrestored

  1. These kinds of stories are very heart-warming and hopefully help help people let go of some of their pre-conceived notions about groups of other people (the police in this case). We we can see the humanity in each other, and hold each other in compassion, then big changes can happen. Thanks for sharing!

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