Fone Free Day – The Next Installment

Hello Everyone!

This is a reminder for

Sunday, 30th of April, 2017.

Fone Free Day

A month back me and Deepika from Deepikas Ramblings, had hosted an initiative whereby we would forsake our phones, or at least, reduce usage to a bare minimum. Β It’s that time again when our phones would be tossed aside so we can enjoy some time being ‘wireless’ πŸ˜€

There were a great many of you who had wanted to participate. Remember, if you can’t do it on a Sunday, fix another day, or hours, but stick to it. Make it a habit.

Here are the rules and instructions for the day –

β‡’ To be observed on the Last Sunday of every month.

β‡’ No phones, no social media (not even on tabs, desktops, or any other device).

β‡’ Phone allowed only for – someΒ calls (keep them short, to the point, important ones only). No texting, emailing, whatsapping or snapchatting, or whatever. Work related emails or messages are allowed, but try to minimize usage.

β‡’ Try to get other’s involved (Β through word of mouth, or do it a day before)

β‡’ Put the above logo on your blog the day after the Fone Free Day and faithfully record how your day was spent.Β 

β‡’ Next month, before the Last Sunday, create a post with this same logo and tell other people to get involved.

You do not have to link my or Deepika’s name to your blog posts about this initiative. We are not asking for credit. We are only asking for observance – honest observance.



But that one day can make a huge difference to how you carry on without the constant pings of your phone.

And you may also stretch this to another day/weeks/months….

Your choice! πŸ˜‰

Please note this Sunday, I won’t be answering any comments on my blog or on other social networking sites. Replies would be sent on Monday instead.

If you have queries, please ask away before the clock strikes 12. This Cinderella will become unavailable to you on any social media platform after midnight tonight.

Happy Weekend!

Copyright Β©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

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36 thoughts on “Fone Free Day – The Next Installment

            • I know you’re not a person for selfies. I don’t think anyone following your blog has ever seen you in any of your pictures. But especially when you’re out sight-seeing, I don’t understand why people have this penchant for taking their own pictures framed by the sights surrounding them. What are you ‘sight-seeing’ for, your own face or the sights? Ha ha! But you already knew that, right? πŸ˜‰

              Liked by 1 person

              • I think that people following or reading a blog are doing so for the blog and not because of the person. I will prefer that people don’t judge a blog on the basis of the person behind it. It’s quite like the show stopper in a fashion show are designers creation and not the models. That’s the reason why you see blank faces in all fashion shows in abroad. While bloggers might not have seen my picture but I have met many bloggers, in person. Some I do on a regular basis. So the idea is not that you want to be discreet.
                As for the selfie, well it’s a creation of social media. It’s a form of narcissism. I’m not against it. If it suits them, so be it!

                Liked by 1 person

                • Well said. I agree with everything you’ve pointed out, right from how the blog and the blogger are two distinct entities, and how selfie’s are a social media creation. This new culture borne out of our needs for self-gratification and mass appreciation is disturbing, but then who are we to point fingers?

                  Liked by 1 person

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