The Blog Seat #1 Pradita Kapahi

My dear blogger friends, Dr. B. and Dr. C. have honoured me greatly by choosing me to be the first on thier ‘Blog Seat’ series. I can’t be thankful enough to these two for the constant encouragement, support, constructive criticism and direction they have been providing me from time to time.

This interview contains mostly stuff you all know about me. But if there is something that you don’t know about why I started blogging, what I and my blog are about and what inspires me to blog, head over to The Two Doctor’s website.

27 thoughts on “The Blog Seat #1 Pradita Kapahi

  1. A lovely interview of the lawyer Pradita who loves to turn anything into fiction. It’s like you’ve opened your world to readers and love this powerful quote, ‘ I was at a point in my life when I was giving away too much of myself to others and not being able to be ‘me’.’

    We live in such a sad world where women rights are not respected and trampled upon. Infanticide is another issue that plagues the world. Keep writing and believing, Pradita:)

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  2. Let me add that I do have a Pune connection after staying there for three years plus and it’s home to me. I am weighing options of coming back, either here or Mumbai after 8 years. So let’s see how things will shape up for me.

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    • Oh, that sounds good! I have been here for almost as long now as I had been in Delhi, and I love both cities, though I’m slightly more partial to Delhi. Ha ha. I’m sure you love the weather, the uncongested roads (mostly) and the scenery this city has to offer. And the Monsoons…. I think you should just come here, forget about Mumbai 😉

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