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Picture this…

A theft committed at a residence, after a family tweeted their family vacation plans;

A teenage girl commits suicide after she was harassed by followers of on FB ‘hate page’ targeting her;

Sexual assault on minors who unwittingly befriended unknown people online, who later bullied them into having ‘consensual’ sex with them;

Private photos shared with friends ending up on commercials or on porn sites….

These are all actual, real cyber and personal crimes, not something I’ve cooked up to grab attention. But the sad fact is, we all are contributing in some way to these incidents.

No, you don’t think so?

How many of you are guilty of this?

So we went to a new place to vacation? Let’s post as many selfies as possible and let them know exactly what the interiors of our hotel looked like.

We bought new merchandise? Gotta tweet, instagram or snapchat…

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10 thoughts on “BEWARE WHAT YOU SHARE

  1. Happy to see this post. Most people don’t bother with privacy. People just accept random friend request because they have Mutual friends. Also the smartphone is a big privacy threat. But there’s no escape.
    Your privacy depends on your choices. Great write up Pradita

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    • Thanks a lot Arv. I agree that most people send and accept friends even without having met once, just on the basis of having one common friend. It’s odd because in real life, we would never intrude on someone without a proper introduction first. And yes phones are only making this intrusion into our private lives worse. The best thing to do is to limit usage and sharing on social media, but I believe you already do that ☺️


  2. Timely message. I won’t share my personal information in Facebook, my Facebook page is just a news teller for me. And thanks for the information about online transactions. Luckily my husband store anything in phone we use only laptop for that. Anyway thanks for this article. Its a alarm to check everything . Thanks again

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    • Glad it could be of help. Thanks for reading 🙂 But just one word of caution, even if you make transactions on your laptop or desktop you need to be careful. Change passwords as often as possible and dont keep similar passwords 🙂

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