Fone Free Day: The Follow Up, Month 2

Hello Everyone!

I realised (rather late) that I haven’t written a follow up post about this month’s Fone Free Day, which was on 30th April, 2017. Well, better late than never. So this post will tell you exactly how I fared this time.

Remember how last time I was just fine without my phone throughout the day, but just 15 minutes before midnight, I broke my vow and Pinterest-ed? :-X :-/ :O

I’m happy to tell you this time I did no such thing. I successfully stayed away from the phone, social media and the internet too, even though I came so close to it in the day while I was writing an assignment. Why? Because I spent most of my day working on my laptop, BUT only on a word document. That still counts as ‘no phones’, right? Right! 😉 (I couldn’t help it folks… I had a deadline to meet).

I confess the urge was really, really strong to just click on the browser and start surfing, but I stayed away, FOR A WHOLE 5 HOURS (patting my back)!

Then, I just couldn’t take being so close to the browser and not being able to browse. Especially when I kept getting notification pings on the desktop. So I gave up on work and decided to paint something.

This is what I sketched that day –


Which was painted in the a.m. the next day –


So, it was a pretty eventless day, I should say. It didn’t deserve a post of it’s own, but then the rules say that I must faithfully record the day of observance in a post, and so I did.


Yes! It was definitely easier this time than the last time, even though the last time I had a friend to occupy me through the day. This time I didn’t even have to try to leave my phone alone. Probably it was because I was working on an assignment, and so, was preoccupied, but I think it was because since that first time, I have consistently tried being phone-less for several hours in a day. With each passing day, I noticed that it was getting easier for me to do it. That’s why this time, it barely registered that I didn’t have a phone around me, or that I wasn’t ‘connected’ to the world.  Even the next day, I was without the phone for a good 3-4 hours before I received calls about work.

So now you have it from the horse’s (or mares 😉 ) mouth that it does get easier once you start doing it regularly. Let me be honest and tell you that it’s not necessary that you’ll accomplish everything that you had in mind once you start staying away from the phone.  That involves a whole different set of requirements and time management. This initiative isn’t about productively using your time away from the phone. It’s only about preventing us from wasting time over our phones. How you use that freed up time, or whether you use it to visit dreamland, is upto you 😉

But take it from me, it DOES free up some time. As many as 2 hours in the day for me, which for a working momma is a lot!

So the next time I really hope that some of you will earmark a day, or a few hours in a day, or a few hours a day (if you’re really committed) to stay phone-free. I won’t promise you that you’ll find hidden talents that you never knew existed. But I can promise you that you’ll have time for yourself.

Till next month!

Copyright ©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Credits: Pradita Kapahi

82 thoughts on “Fone Free Day: The Follow Up, Month 2

  1. Nice to see that you kept away from it all, the entire day. Good job, Pradita. Do you paint on other days too or just the day when you don’t use your phone? In one of the comments you mentioned that you don’t paint everyday, I do understand that. I love your art work. Is it a water color painting? Is there something apart from water colors on the hair? Like crayons or charcoal? I may be wrong.

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  2. Great initiative, keep up with it! It takes time to see that the day offline is not boring, but a little luxury, with so much time for yourself, your musings, and your favorite activities!

    Liked by 1 person

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