If Only

If only I weren’t a girl,
If only you weren’t a boy,
If only we wouldn’t have met,
‘Fallen’ like fleeting summer rain,
Would our love not have quickly died.

If only you weren’t a ‘dandy’,
If only I wasn’t a ‘babe’,
Then maybe we’d have known,
That looks alone do not make a love remain. 

If only I wasn’t overbearing,
If only you weren’t too meek,
If only that which bound us together,
Did not wanton lust seek.

If only you hadn’t strayed,
If only I had made you stay,
If only we’d have kept our promises,
That trust wouldn’t have been betrayed.

If only rumors were left unheard,
If only talks could solve our fights,
If only tears we hid from one another,
Could explain each other’s plight.

If only I were more forgiving,
If only you’d have given us a chance,
If only we’d have stuck together,
Inspite of their disapproving glance.

If only you had said ‘stay’,
If only I had said ‘be forever mine‘,
Then these words would not have
Poured out unbidden into our clamorous cries,

If only I weren’t a girl,
If only you weren’t a boy.

Copyright ©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Credits: Modman at pixabay.com

35 thoughts on “If Only

    • Thanks a lot girl. Sorry, I did say I’d be bringing out the remaining parts soon, but some important writing assignments have kept me occupied and the draft of the next part is still incomplete…. So maybe another two days. But thanks for waiting 🙂


  1. That’s the one 😥😥😥 “If only” is what matters… We are always left with those two words every time when we regret of something… “If only”.

    Excellent poem… Thoroughly enjoyed reading and feeling the emotions of the characters described by you.

    Liked by 1 person

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