The Day Pansy Went Pansy; #fortnightfridayfables

“Oh! Yo, Master! Oh, what the heck is this?” Woof, woof! Scampering around on his furry little paws on the tiled porch, making a really irritating ‘pitter-patter’ sound.

“MASTER!” Howls aaaaaaaoooooooo…. woof, woooof!

Scratches the mesh door furtively to come inside. Master comes thumping in through the kitchen, bangs open the mesh door, only to find his dog quivering in fear.

“Oh, you poor ol’ mutt. What happened to ya? Why, yer shakin’ like an aspen leaf in a storm!” Dog whimpers and licks his masters grimy old face. Master gets up, dog in his arms, “Let’s see what’s scaring ya, hunh…. where is it? Where’s that damned thing that scared me wee Pansy?” He calls affectionately to his Dog, Pansy*. Ironical, the choice of name for the dog.

They have now reached the garden. Both Master and Pansy are looking here and there, see nothing. Then comes a flurry of soapy, transparent globules, floating in the air towards them, from the neighbor’s backyard. A big one comes and goes plop on Pansy’s nose.

Aaaaaoooooooo…. bark, bark, whimper, whimper.… Pansy goes ballistic!

Master guffaws,

“Why you pansy ass dog, it’s only a Bubble!”


This is my first entry for Fortnight Friday Fables, a prompt based story writing challenge started by Sheetal from The Glitters of Life. The picture above was the first photo prompt of the challenge. If you’d like to read on and join the challenge, please click here.

*Pansy, in American slang, means a coward, effeminate or spineless person. Of course, it’s a beautiful flower as well. Probably the term originated from the short-life span of the pansy flowers, or from their quality of wilting too easily. Regardless, I love them… the flowers I mean 😉

Copyright ©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Credits:  Selsmith via Pinterest.

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