On Oral Mutinies and Memories

That simply sublime taste,

Sour, salty, hot and sweet,

I savor your molten goodness,

As I lick you off my fingers giddily.

And oh God! Do I spy right,

Or is that just my befuddled brain? 

Is that a hint of you stuck on the rim of the pan? 

Yay! There’s still some you that remains.

So overwhelm my tastebuds,

Unleash your oral mutiny,

Can one ever have enough of you?

Methinks not, sweet tamarind-date chutney!



This piece of food porn was triggered by my memory of imli-chutney (tamarind chutney). I made some today because I was craving a taste of chatpata (sweet-sour) pani-puri. I have still to make the pani puri masala, but at least the chutney is there. The feast will begin soon, and you all are invited 😀

But as I licked off the remains of the chutney from the pan, after I had transferred it into a container, it triggered so, so many memories of childhood –

Me licking it off straight from the pan…

Me dipping my fingers in it, unbeknownst to my Mom, while it chilled in the fridge…

Me begging to have more of it sprinkled atop my pani-puri or bhalle papdi…

Me being scolded for having too much of it (apparently it can cause stomach aches. My stomach, though, couldn’t be happier)…

My Mom being embarrassed before guests because I ate up all of it, leaving nothing behind…

Or worse still,

Me topping off whatever I had eaten with water so it would become nearly tasteless by the time it had to be served

😀 😀 😀

Yes, I was a devious little critter, much to my Mom’s dismay.

There are some foods best savored right off your fingers. Don’t you all think so? I know you’ve done it too!

Let’s see, so there’s –

  1. Cake batter
  2. Chutneys
  3. Ice cream
  4. Oozy chocolate
  5. Rajma Chawal
  6. Kadhi Chawal
  7. Butter Chicken Gravy
  8. Syrup, especially maple syrup
  9. Caramel
  10. Custard
  11. Pickles
  12. Jams or sweet preserves
  13. Whipped cream
  14. Basically any Indian street food!

Yeah, I’ve done it all. And so have you, admit it!

So what’s your favorite food to be slurped, or licked off the fingers? Let me know. I’d love if you shared!

Stay tuned for this week’s article on Guest Post Fridays.

Copyright ©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image credits: 360doc.com


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