Give Up The Ghost

Give up the ghost : (Phrase) to die; stop trying to do something because you know that you will not succeed. 

Source: Cambridge Dictionary


This place, 
Our space, 
Captured memories, 
O’er these walls displayed. 

Our love, 
Our names, 
Banded on our fingers, 
Seared within us still remain. 

Harmless jibes, 
Minuscule fights, 
When did they begin to matter the most? 
Why don’t we just give up the ghost?

‘She did, He did’, 
That’s all we ever say now, 
‘You don’t, I won’t’, 
We’re stuck at it somehow. 

Your beer, my wine, 
Your folly, my pride, 
Why hurt each other; at what cost? 
Why won’t we just give up the ghost? 

We’ll change, mend, 
Our love we will defend,
Bare our hearts, our souls, 
One another to the end we shall hold. 

Stay true, close,  
Till breath becomes air, and the flesh runs cold. 
We won’t just give up the ghost.
No, we won’t give up the ghost.

Copyright ©2017 by Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Picture Credits: Goodinteractive at

51 thoughts on “Give Up The Ghost

  1. Today while I waz free,I have read almost 3-4 posts of urs only…not fair to kp ur readers so occupied…I thnk u r much connctd to love,lovers n reltanshp

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  2. A greatly written flows like a song. ☺ by the way I have e-mailed you back I had some issues with my health and internet so I apologise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank my girl. Oh, no issues at all. It’s just that it was a very short email that’s why I was wondering if you hadn’t received it, seeing how you had some issues with the mails. I’ll check it right away 🙂

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      • I use hotmail so sometimes it seems to glitch for me and my inbox shows empty for a day or so is rather odd and I was away after for health reasons and everything got overwhelming.

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        • Oh! That sounds bad, about your health I men. Hotmail does have issues. My MIL had a hotmail account since forever and she had all sorts of email problems. Then we made her shift to Gmail. She’s been okay since then. Maybe you could try it too

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