Fone Free Day: Third Month

Good Morning Everyone!

So it’s the end of the month and you know what comes on the last Sunday of every month on The Pradita Chronicles?

Fone Free Day!

About two  months back, me and my blogger friend, Deepika from Deepikas Ramblings, decided that we need time off from our phones and we should try to enjoy the moments that are freed up from not staring into our phone screens. So we started the Fone Free Day initiative and have been true to it ever since. If you’d like to find out what happened in the last two months, please click here and here. If you’d like to know what to do on Fone Free Day and have your own Fone Free Day, here are the instructions –

⇒ To be observed on the Last Sunday of every month.

No phones, no social media (not even on tabs, desktops, or any other device).

⇒ Phone allowed only for – some calls (keep them short, to the point, important ones only). No texting, emailing, whatsapping or snapchatting, or whatever. Work related emails or messages are allowed, but try to minimize usage.

⇒ Try to get other’s involvedthrough word of mouth, or do it a day before).

Put the above logo on your blog the day after the Fone Free Day and faithfully record how your day was spent.

⇒ Next month, before the Last Sunday, create a post with this same logo and tell other people to get involved.

You do not have to link my or Deepika’s name to your blog posts about this initiative. We are not asking for credit. We are only asking for observance – honest observance.


This time I’ve decided to kick things up a notch. I’m going to make this into a Fone Free Weekend. That is this Saturday and Sunday, I’ll keep myself off social media and my phone. For me the day has now become a breather when I can stop responding to the endless emails, comments and chat pings, and instead do things that I’ve been wanting to indulge in for sometime. It’s sort of like a mini vacation. Only at home 🙂

Try it. You’ll know what I mean when you get used to not having your phone around.

It feels great!


I know you can do it too!

So remember, after this post is published I’m not going to be available on any social media site, including WP. I am sorry but a little self-disciplining in phone usage never hurt anyone. If you have an emergency, please shoot me an email at I may answer depending on your emergency 😛

Also, you may see an article contribution from me to Candles Online this Sunday (tomorrow). It is pre-scheduled thing so I’m not breaking the rules here. Please feel free to head over to to read it.

Happy Weekend and Happy Fone Free Day! 🙂 🙂

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All rights reserved.

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