Dear Mr President (POEM) (A Reblog)

I know I’m late to be talking about this, but a few days back I read a poem by a fellow blogger, Ellie from Ellie’s Blog, who summarized the global angst over ‘Mr. President’s’ decision to back down from the Paris Accord.

It came as shocker to most of us. Then again, maybe not to some, considering his history of going the exact opposite way.

When in early June, Donald Trump, announced that the US won’t be taking part in the Paris Accord, most leaders of other nations, environmentalists, Americans themselves and even industrialists stepped up to fill in the gap that their leader had left.

It’s astounding how ‘he’ doesn’t see the responsibility the US has towards setting an example and taking the lead in this matter. The US is responsible for over 15% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. It comes second only to China, which is responsible for 30% BUT, so far, China has stuck with the Paris Accord, even though its future plans may imply something else.

When the world leaders and superpowers do not take responsibility for their actions, especially when it comes to a finite resource that we are fast depleting, a resource on which we undoubtedly and completely depend for our survival, who can we look to for leadership? For improvement? For betterment?

Mr. Trump, saving a few million jobs and greenbacks over the entire planet is not only a mercenary decision, but also one that portends a grim future for our planet.

Americans, please step-up and be your own leader.

You don’t need a name or a Chair to back you.


I’m sure you’ll relate with this poem the way I have. Please read, comment and share, and more importantly be responsible towards our planet.

It’s the only one we have.

It’s not real, it’s a conspiracy, it just doesn’t exist.
A concept created by China to destroy the US.
It’s a complete delusion and irresponsible too,
To spread propaganda and call it “Fake news”.

With higher altitudes it’ll effect you last,
Higher tides, a lack of drinking water, it’ll be slightly warmer.
Meanwhile we’ve lost Fiji it’s been reclaimed by water.

When you accept and acknowledge that the problem is there,
And it’s a lot more real than your fake head of hair.
Then we can finally get together to right our wrongs,
I would hate to imagine if we waited too long.

So with water levels rising and the earth’s surface heating up,
Two more degrees and basically we’re fucked.
If that’s all that stands between us and total destruction,
The last thing we needed was your deduction.
By leaving an agreement that was meant to start the healing,

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13 thoughts on “Dear Mr President (POEM) (A Reblog)

  1. I read your post after a long time.It was all that he did to keep up with his ultra nationalist image as proclaimed by him during election tours.And he blames india for not contributing towards paris accord and even for the space junk..sad indeed

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  2. The delusional and idiotic President who blame others for the mess him and his ilk created. It’s ridiculous to see the reasons that he gave to back out. He is destroying the United States. What a butt of jokes he is turning himself into! A jerk.

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