Thirty Seconds Tales #7: His Redemption + Fone Free Day

Fifteen years ago, a middle-aged couple’s home was broken in. The thief took away money, jewellery and a dysfunctional laptop.

Two weeks later, that house had been put up for sale in the papers. Another two weeks later the thief found the couple staying with his own aunt as tenants, one of who was disabled and thus unable to earn at all. The money he had stolen was to pay off the mortgage for their home.

Mortified by his own guilt he fled his home, promising himself, ‘never again’.

Fifteen years later he returned home to find the couple, now aged, staying still as tenants, in another kholi. He handed them papers of the home they had once lost because of his mistake.

There were tears of remorse in his eyes, there was only benevolence and happiness in theirs.

Redemption at last.

This story was based on a prompt given to me by fellow blogger, Sakshi from the blog Worldland Voyage. She had asked me to write a Thirty Seconds Tales on the word, you guessed it, Redemption.

Remember that you too can give me a prompt to write a story on. It could be a word, a picture, a musical piece, or anything creative you can throw at me.

There is another announcement I’d like to make.

Tomorrow, being the last weekend of this month, I’ll be observing Fone Free Day, and hence become unavailable to you for two days.

For more details on what Fone Free Day is, please click here. 

You too can participate in the Fone Free Day, just like me, Deepika and Joseph have. You can also stretch it into a Fone Free Week like I’m doing. You can even shorten the day into a few hours. But the important thing is, to START!!

Remember, it’s only one day! One day of no phones, no social media, no virtual mumbo-jumbo. Just you and actual people around you.

So once again, send me the prompts and your queries/suggestions. I’ll answer all of them till midnight tonight, after which I’ll be off-air for 48 hours.

Have a great Friday and party all weekend!

18555851_100676450514066_4494546682437471084_n.jpgCopyright ©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

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