Shouldn’t you?

Shouldn’t you
Take the chance
And lose,
Than not take it,
And wonder forever
If you could’ve won?

Shouldn’t you
Be nasty,
Just that one time,
Rather than someone
Being nasty to you
For the rest of your life?

Shouldn’t you
Not swallow your pride,
Unleash the hurt inside, just once,
Than contain that anger within,
Like a simmering cauldron,
Of bile and resentment?

Shouldn’t you
Just grab at what you can
And get little,
Rather than waiting
And gaining
Nothing at all?

Shouldn’t you
Just stop
Reading this,
Get the fuck out,
And be who
You wanted to be?

Shouldn’t you
Kick out those
Circumscribing ‘maybes’
In your muddled head,
And do what
Makes you happy?

Aye, you should!

18555851_100676450514066_4494546682437471084_n.jpgCopyright Β©2017 Pradita Kapahi.

All rights reserved.

Image Credits:Β

69 thoughts on “Shouldn’t you?

    • Thank you so much Damyanti. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate in #WATWB this time because of my daughter’s illness. But I will be part of it next month for sure. The contributions bu others is also on my TBR list. Thanks again for stopping by

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      • We do send out a reminder via email, and hope to add reminders by tagging participants on twitter as well. Am still wondering on the ideal timing for the reminder– thoughts? Also wanted to mention that we welcome posts till the weekend, so it is ok to put up a post up to Sunday. Adding a link to a regular post, as well as the badge counts as participation as well. The idea is just to raise our awareness of the goodness that happens in our world, but does not garner the deserved attention πŸ™‚

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        • I think what you’re doing in terms of notifying the participants is enough. I get those emails and the link to post that month’s posts too. That’s how I come to know where to post and who’s hosting. I suppose a week in advance is enough notice for anyone.

          As for my non-participation this time, I did know that participants can also post upto the weekend, though I didn’t know about adding the badge, but I wasn’t done writing my post for #WATWB, when my daughter fell sick. Throughout the following weekend I had no time to edit it and schedule it like I do with my other posts. Apologies again for this time. But I’m a committed member of the #WATWB so next time I’ll definitely put up a relevant post.


          • No apologies needed, Pradita. Hope your daughter is feeling better now– kids being unwell is hard on mums. Life happens to all of us, and that’s why the participation is not compulsory each month– we only remove those who haven’t participated in 3 months. Look forward to your post in July.

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